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Why Is It So Important to Use Text On My Web Site’s Homepage?

Unique Keyword Rich Content is one of the most important factors in ranking well on search engines, and the homepage is your most important web page in your site. Google recommends in their Webmaster guidelines that each web page have 200 to 500 words of unique content (meaning highlight-able text) in each web page.  That’s just a guideline, but the homepage of every well made web site should follow that guideline if ranking in the top ten is important to your business.

Getting a web site to the top ten involves a wide variety of techniques. One of the primary factors in ranking well in search engines is quality keyword rich unique content. The other is quality keyword-rich inbound links. This means text that is unique to your web site and useful to your visitors. I can help you create keyword rich content pages that will attract search engines and visitors alike.

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Hello, my name is Bryan Grandy and I'm the owner of Blue Hyperlink Web Marketing. It's a big long name for a company but I offer a great of services! The "blue hyperlink" reference comes from when web sites were in their infancy and the way travel the web is to click on hyperlinks. they were a bright garish blue for years. My company offers a variety of web design and intenet marketing service at affordable prices.

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