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Shopping Carts

shopping cartsA shopping cart is a program that allows visitors to your site to browse through products that are organized into categories. They are able to create an account, add items to a virtual shopping cart, edit the quantities they’re buying or delete items.

They are then able to choose payment, shipping and delivery options. These programs have an administrative section that allows the shop owner to log in, view orders, customers, and add or modify products or pages in their web site.

All of the programs are similar yet different in may ways. Some have advantages that others don’t have. Something new that the credit card industry is implementing is PCI Compliance.

Here are some of the ecommerce options available the i am familiar with:

WordPress’s plugin, WP-Ecommerce

Joomla’s extension, Virtuemart

OS Commerce (a standalone program, one of the first and still biggest open source (free) software that provides ecommerce.

There are many other types, these are the options that I currently offer in a shopping cart. If you have questions, please give me a call and I’m happy to discuss which option might work best for your products.


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