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Setting Up Your Godaddy Email Account

This article displays help on how to setup and check your email when you’re using an email address associated with a Godaddy Hosting Account.

If I’ve helped you create an email account using Godaddy, here are instructions on accessing your email using a web browser and using Microsoft Outlook.

1. Webmail: that means you go to a web site to check your email, similar to a yahoo, hotmail or gmail account. Here’s how you do it.

1. In the address line of your web browser, type in exactly this: email.yourdomain.com, and replace “yourdomain” with the domain name associated with your email. For example, I access my webmail by typing in email.bluehyperlink.com – just that, no www, no http before it.

2. You should get a login page that asks for a username and password. Enter your username (that’s what is before the @ sign, as an example, mine is bryan. Then enter your password (it’s case sensitive and must be exact, no spaces in it)

3. If you successfully login, you should see your inbox.

2. Accessing your email through Outlook 2007: Here’s the basics on what to add.

1. Incoming Mail Server: pop.secureserver.net

2. Outgoing Mail Server: smtpout.secureserver.net

3. Username: entire email address

4. Password: enter your password (make sure your caps lock is off)

5. Click the button on the bottom right that says more settings, and you’ll get a popup window. Go to the Outgoing Server Tab and choose “My Server Requires Authentification” and “Use Same Settings as Incoming Server” (it’s already checked by default so you shouldn’t have to touch it).



And you should be done. You’re welcome to call me if you have trouble. Sometimes your internet service provider requires that you use their outgoing server. Other times depending on your network you may have to change port settings. And that’s it!

Here are some links to Godaddy Help that may help too:

1. Setting up your godaddy email using an IPHONE

2. Setting up your godaddy email on Outlook 2007

3. Setting up your godaddy email on Outlook Express

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