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Logo Design for your Business or Organization

logo design

A logo is one of the most important parts of your business. It’s the basis of your Brand, in branding what you do and it represents your business’ reputation offline AND online. It’s one of the first thing people see, in their mind and on signs sometimes, it’s one of the things they remember about you. IF you have a great logo that helps increase brand awareness

So what is “Brand Awareness? It’s people saying “Oh Yes, they do x, y and z, don’t they? I’ve seen them on Facebook talking about x, y and z.”.

I googled it and got their “official answer”, which is of course the exactly perfect answer because Google is never wrong! Don’t forget to not automatically believe Google or any web page, use your brain to back up what you find on the internet with whatever fact finding capabilities you have, such as a doctor, attorney, or web designer, when doing research on anything, consider your sources, trust but verify is a good approach.

Here is what Google says is Brand Awareness:

“the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.”

It’s said better than they way I said it but it’s actually a really great description. That’s why you need a great logo, to start the process of brand awareness.

I’ve taken classes in logo design and doing a logo right involves really getting to know the company and the people behind it. It involves a lot of questions, things you may consider unimportant but if I ask them, trust me, they’re part of the process.

The logo process starts with that, the questions, then I go into design mode and start drawing with a pencil on paper. Many times i scan the paper and send it to a client, to show them my initial thoughts on what would work for them.

This can get the conversation started, which is good, because it’s YOUR LOGO. I want you to love it, just like I want you to interact with me and help me by giving me your HONEST OPINION. and don’t be afraid to tell me you don’t like something, even when we’re close to finishing the design. Better to tell me then than when it’s gone off to print out “for sale” signs!

You can view my logo portfolio here:

It’s not huge, as I’ve never sought out it as my passion is the entire process, and this is a part of the process,  and the people who have me design them a logo are clients who trust me. They trust that I’ll look out for their best interests.

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