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Facebook Applications for Business Pages

Facebook Marketing Graphic

Free and Inexpensive Ways to Build Loyal Readers

If you’re a business and you already have a Facebook page for your business, you’re going to want to communicate with your fans, engage them and get them to interact with you on a personal or business level. Here are some ways to get the ball rolling  you may want to consider:

The New Review Tab Helps Build Credibility

It used to be an app but now it’s on every Facebook page. Some of you may not have even seen it if you don’t look hard, since it’s probably in the drop down menu that Facebook has.

This new Reviews tab is perfect for those who have specific products or services they provide to clients or customers on a daily basis. Customer reviews is one of Facebook’s’ newest addition to EVERY Facebook Page, so if you have zero reviews, call some past clients and ask if they’d get the ball rolling for you.

If you want lots of reviews, think up strategies that give the online shopper a 5% discount on their next purchase by ASKING FOR THE REVIEW on a comment card or thank you email. You can change the standard comment card from a simple note the customer writes out to a beautiful brochure they take home or even  scan and on their mobile phone fill out while having dessert right in your restaurant.

I can create a QR Code (a small scannable strange looking square box seen below) can be created to go to any web page address, so you could have a flyer that you hand each table, or customer, depending on if you’re a retail store or restaurant, for example. I can help you set upo these QR Codes that go right the places you need reviews: 1) on Facebook, 2) on Google Places / Google + Business Page, 3) Bing Local, 4) Yahoo Local 5) Yelp. More customers are reading reviews online about a particular service, product, or business and are making specific buying decisions based on such reviews. Now your fans can give a review right on your business fan page.

2. Polls – There are a few different poll apps that you can use for a business fan page or profile. One of the most recognized social media polls is Polldaddy which is widely used both as a social media marketing and customer engagement strategy. Create a poll for your page: ask a question, provide two to four answers, and post. Check the results and post them on your page. This social media marketing tool can jumpstart a new campaign or give you ideas about future sales or promotions.

3. Networked Blogs – Does your business maintain a blog? Add the Networked Blogs app to your business page and profile so your fans and network receive immediate updates every time a blog is posted. There is a little bit of coding that needs to be installed on your blog so ensure you’re able to access your blog or ask your blog developer to do this. Want to keep informed of other blogs in your industry or track trends? Sign up for their blog feeds too by using this Facebook business app.

4. RSS Feed – If you have a blog, news site or other feed that you’d like to see updated on your business fan page, then there are a couple worthy RSS apps you can add. One all-in-one app is Social RSS which can be configured to automate updates from any type of RSS feed that creates a post on a business page on a tab at the top of the page or on your wall. Although many fans in your network prefer authentic posts from a company, this is one method to consistently update a fan page.

5. Slideshare – This site’s application has gone to the next level for attracting business on Facebook. Install Slideshare’s app to share presentations & documents with your network including conference chats, PDF’s, PowerPoint (PPT, PPS and PPTX), MS office documents and more. Impress fans with this app’s savvy marketing strategy to attract more customers and clients. Create a dynamic social media triad by linking your account with Facebook and LinkedIn. What is good for one is good for another.

6. Constant Contact – You’ve got email (marketing)! Now let your fans and friends in your network sign up to receive the latest news from your business directly from Facebook. As long as a business uses Constant Contact, they can also add this app.

7. Static FBML – If you’re familiar with Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML, this is Facebook’s version for adding bling to your business fan page. Companies like Nike, Ford and Twilight the Movie all have this feature on their fan pages. Add a “box” to your page for better fan engagement and interest. With a combination of FBML features a fan page can be transformed into a mini website. This wow factor can also be added to your sidebar that includes images from your website or blog, links and ads.

8. YouTube – Video as a social media marketing strategy is receiving more rave reviews and traffic than other traditional media advertising. With YouTube’s easy upload, a business can produce and publish a very affordable video campaign that will reach millions. Add the YouTube for Pages app to your tabs – you’ll have to sign up for a free Involver account. Choose your settings and you’ll have something that other large companies have – added value.

9. Twitter – Maximizing the power of any business social media strategy is to link as many social networks as possible. Facebook has several Twitter apps that you can link a fan page to a company’s Twitter feed. The social network mogul allows third party developers to add their own apps, so be sure to check out which Twitter app works best for your business’s needs and feed. Applications include Twitter for Facebook, Selective Twitter (update your fan page from Twitter with the hashtag fb), Twitter and mobile applications too.

10. Promotions – What do you have that your competitors don’t? A sizzling contest, giveaway or other promotion to attract more people to your website or storefront. Add the Promotions app as a social media marketing strategy to get fast results and traffic to your page. Sign up for a free account on the WildFire web site to get started; just follow the instructions with this application and soon you’ll be attracting more business than before. Provide something “free” and you’ll have your fans hooked. Just be ready to make good on your promotions!

11. Payvment eCommerce Storefront – Import your e-commerce’s products right on a business’s Facebook fan page. Sign up for the paid version of Wildfire to enable millions of users on this social network to purchase directly from your company. This social media app supports more than 20 currencies worldwide.

12. Coupons – Another feature of signing up with Wildfire is the ability to add coupons to your fan page for your fans to use for purchasing products or services. Track with special coupon codes just for Facebook fans and remind customers to provide a review of your company on the Reviews tab you just added.

13. LinkedIn Contacts – Create a tri-fecta social media presence online with the top 3 social networks by adding this app to either your business profile or fan page. Share and connect with a LinkedIn network on Facebook too. Fans and friends can see your qualifications and join your network all in one place

This information courtesy of Wendy Suto.

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