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Directory Submission Checklist

directory submission checklist


Submitting your site to the major web directories requires advance planning. The sites submitted are reviewed by a human being, so you have to plan a strategy. First, you must carefully research the categories and find one that is appropriate for the site. Then you analyze the sites that were successful in getting listed. It’s important to make sure that all of the following have been done, because if you aren’t prepared, odds are you won’t get accepted.

  1. Did you search the directory to make sure your site isn’t already listed? If so, find the form to modify your listing as needed.
  2. Have you read the terms and conditions of the directory before submitting, to ensure you are following its guidelines?
  3. Does your site contain unique content? Have you researched your targeted category to make sure that the site you are submitting has unique relevance?
  4. Is all of your text legible to a viewer?
  5. Have you checked the site for broken links? Does every graphic load on every page?
  6. Is your site legible on all web browsers?
  7. Is all of your contact information, including a physical address, visible and easily accessible on your site?
  8. Is the correct spelling of your company name found easily?
  9. If your site accepts credit cards, does the site have secure credit card processing?
  10. If your site sells products, does the site have a returns policy and a money back guarantee?
  11. If you collect confidential information, do you have a privacy policy?
  12. Does your site have a copyright notice? Is it current?
  13. Do visitors have to download a plug-in in order to view the site? This may be a reason to reject your site.
  14. Does the site have at least six pages of substantial unique content?
  15. Do your web pages load quickly?
  16. Is the site working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Does every form and shopping cart area work properly?

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