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Your Web Strategy for 2016

load time of web site pages

If you want to achieve greatness, or even be successful in digital media, the new way web design, internet marketing and social media marketing have all been lumped together. It’s now ALL about the content, whatever media you choose, and you choose one or all of them.


There are a number of ways you can take the bull by the horns and re-examine your web site, it’s analytics of your own traffic, tracking your competition, staying up to date with news that impacts your online business. It’s revamping old content into new, more accurate, more exciting, more meaty content that will blow your readers’ minds! It will make them want to share your words, pictures and video to every friend they have, every family member who you love, and even pjeople you barely know on social media! This year people will be building links for you! What can you improve upon? 


Most Bounce rates (people clicking away from or closing a web page) are around 50 percent for the average web site page

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Slow Page Loading: come on people, it’s 2016, and your viewers are 95% likely to have cable, and therefor most likely high speed internet. And with the EXPLOSION of portable devices of all kinds with buttons offering instant answers via a human voice, they want answers to their problems NOW.

People won’t hold / wait for a web page to load anymore than a few seconds before hitting the back button.A decade ago people would wait a minute, then five years ago 30 seconds, then very quickly the wait time of the average viewer once cell phones exploded onto the planet, went to a few seconds or less or they would hit the back button.

Now it’s a second or two, and I mean that, no more than a couple seconds is the expected loading time for every page., Here’s a fun fact that I’ll bet you don’t know: A ONE SECOND DELAY IN LOAD TIME CAN DELAY YOUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION BY A HUGE 16%, according to Web Site Magazine, and trust me, they’re doing all kinds of research because it’s their business to know and provide me these facts so I can tell the world! Here are a some stats from them to really consider when you load your own web site to look at it like a visitor does:

  • 47 percent want your web site to load in under two seconds (that’s why premium templates claim load time in 1.23 seconds, for example)
  • 40 percent of visitors will click the back button / go away if your site takes longer than 3 seconds.
  • 50 percent of people will not be loyal to slow loading web sites
  • 14 percent of visitors will just shop someone else if your site takes too long to load.

There’s no reason a website to still have heavy, bloated, slow loading codes behind the web page you see with all the choices today to increase speed and decrease load time. If you use a WordPress theme that’s got well written code, and you don’t fill your site with feature heavy plugins that also have to load, you should be able to reduce page load time and pay attention to your analyticsd / metrics because they will improve nearly instantly. A web site where EVERY PAGE LOADS FAST will actually SAVE YOU MONEY IN THE LONG RUN. Think about it – how long do YOU WAIT?


  1. An Outdated Look / Poorly Done Site Design:  your homepage is your first impression. Too many people want heavy graphics all over the homepage and it’s no longer what search engines AND viewers don’t want to see. They want to see what your sites about. yoiu can show some images to impress them but include text over the images using new technology that allows for the best of both worlds. My web site is going to have a parallax html5 slideshow that has movement of words that people see moving and search engines can read.  You have just a moment to keep their interest. Don’t waste it.
  2. Poor Readability: I HATE small, hard to read or even see text and know I’m not alone!!! I have bad eyes, and even with computer glasses I have trouble reading half of the web sites out there. I have to use the CTRL ++ feature to increase the font size (sometimes it’s using the “+” sign in a browser, basically making the site’s entire look bigger. No user likes to squint, so make sure your text in all places is legible. Your bounce rate will go way down if people can read your site and they’ll want to stay on it longer, so time on page numbers will go up too, meaning people are actually going to spend more than a minute on each page. They’re going to read what you have to tell them. They’re going to click on buttons that stand out in contrasting attractive colors, another important factor in legibility. Don’t have a web with with light gray text and a white background, or dark gray text on a black background. You’re just asking for trouble. High contrast when it comes to text is essential and just makes sense.
  3. Bad Navigational Flow: too many ads, too many links, too much text in long paragraphs are a recipe for disaster. Try to use simple navigation to get people to where you want them to be. When you have them on the page you spent time and money to get them to, MAKE IT COUNT. SELL THEM ON WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT OR BETTER OR FASTER OR STRONGER.
  4. Make it Count While They’re on ANY Page: Sell yourself and your business so they’ll take the next step and take action and engage you by emailing, calling, filling out a form, liking your Facebook page, whatever you are trying to accomplish. Know your goals too. Don’t go overboard with ads to too many places in your site or off your site on one page. Each page should have a theme so people know what they’re reading / looking at / watching. Anymore, it could be all three!


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