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Why WordPress Is The Platform For You

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I am very passionate about WordPress because it helps both customer and developer alike. It allows  both parties to more easily use the features that are needed, and that wouldn’t be available in a standard html site without programming knowledge and greatly added cost to create. Programming costs aren’t cheap.

Also, the way the world searches is changing and WordPress is changing with it. It’s more mobile friendly than ever and actually has ways for you to generate sales, promote your site on autopilot, capture leads from a pop up box, get newsletter signups, whatever you REALLY want your web site to do, WordPress can do it for you now.

And if you’re selling products, you can have a gorgeous site that you can edit yourself. WooCommerce is the plugin that’s become the most popular in the last few years, and it’s easy for all levels of users, even beginners. That means you can go in and change a price if your price point changes 

So, if you’re on the fence and thinking about upgrading from an old web site that still “looks” good but doesn’t DO ANYTHING for you. 

People are Now Using their Cellphones for Beginning Research

Over 56% of all new web sites being built are created using Wordpress due to all of the incredible features the thousands of free plugins and incredible premium plugins that are available to wow your viewers. 

According to a number of studies I’ve read, more than half of the first searches for a product, service, or solution to a problem are started on a cellphone. And that just makes sense now if you think how you use your cellphone in your own life.

How many times do you use your phone first to start researching the answers to a problem you have. You’re sitting in a waiting room somewhere, in a long line at the store, or just relaxing at home and not in the mood to run to to your computer to do a quick search you could do with your phone!

When this became evident to designers and Google started to “recommend” that web sites look good on mobile devices, and then all devices as companies came out with dozens, even hundreds of shapes, sizes and even operating systems, things had to change so they did.

Designers found a way to fold out their technology, starting with the cellphones’ design, then moving up through every size of device, just so we could all see the web sites built using WordPress! They call it a responsive design.

It’s Easy to Learn, Use or Delegate

WordPress is something I can teach anyone. I always say I can teach a monkey in a space shuttle how to use WordPress if they have a good Internet connection. What I’m trying to say is that you can now manage in house your web site content. People of all levels of “computer savvy” can add images, texts and links to pages and posts. 


the wordpress interface

You can create categories and tags (mini-categories), add new content every day if you want to. If you have employees, they can always have one of their employees take the day to day changes. I also am happy to do all the changes for you, as it’s my job and I love to do it but you now have a choice. Above is a screenshot of me making this post.

If you look, there’s a title, a Word Processing Type text and icon menu, a content area to write in. On the left menu and sometimes the top menu, the major plugins have a link so you can find them easier. There’s even a simple menu on the top of the screen in dark gray on my graphic above, with a way to edit from the front end, even on the fly, creation of every possible part of your WordPress Site. That’s the bottom line.

You can manipulate the text however you want too, changing sizes, fonts and colors. There are premium themes that have entire sections on fonts that you might want to use.

Adding an image is pretty straightforward. There’s a button saying “Add Media” which lets you add all types of media, mostly images unless you’re doing a web site with lots of portfolio items or video, or even PDF’s. All can be done through your admin interface. Also, if you get adventurous or want help at 3 a.m., there are thousands of YouTube videos offering tutorials on every aspect of WordPress. 

You Can Manage Your Content on Any Device

You can email your posts to your blog from your cellphone today. There are apps that now let you manage your WordPress site. You can login to any web browser anywhere, at a clients office, at someone’s home, you can create any type of content or login to change something that you find needs taking off quickly! No more relying on your webmaster for a simple change in wording or a photo! You can even email a blog post to your WordPress platform, and then adjust it later, adding photos, tags, and categories.

The Possibilities Are Endless

WordPress provides ECommerce, blogs, forums, contact or information gathering forms of all types. It allows you to create social networks. It has a wide variety of industry-specific plugins such as  plugin for hotel owners, restaurants, realtors; basically every industry that has specific needs have plugins to help make it easier for you to run your business. This allows me to create a site for you that is crafted just for you.

WordPress Saves You Money As You Don’t Have to Pay for Custom Programming

Whatever you need in your industry, I can provide for you without creating it from scratch which can be VERY expensive, so WordPress saves you money too, right out the door. Of course, the cost of a site depends on how much you’re putting into it and how much it needs to “do” to make your business run.

Some sites using WordPress can be very inexpensive. But, like anything,  if you want every bell and whistle, you can get them, it will just cost more to install and sometimes you pay for premium features.

The Platform is Open Source (free forever) And Is Constantly Being Updated

The entire world of programmers that work on WordPress work tirelessly to gain experience, a good reputation in the industry and a portfolio of programming that they have done in order to better their careers in the business world.

This helps you because they create all of the free plugins to help what could be an expensive custom size previously now is a simple drag and drop editor for regular people to create something special and specific to you, the web site owner.

A Responsive Design Makes Your Site Look Great on Every Device


The beauty of the new responsive design element on all new WordPress Themes is that they are built for the tiny web browser in the smallest phone from the ground up to a 70″ TV and every device and monitor in-between. That means your web site folds out to fit whatever screen it’s being looked at on.


Here is an example of a responsive wordpress web site design tester that you can enter in your Web Site URL and it will tell you. Check it out here on my web site.

Keep in mind if you do NOT have a responsive web design, contact me and I’ll help you join this next century’s technical miracles by helping you implement (or redesign your current design) some of the many thousands of responsive themes already available for use. I have a number of pages of themes you can look at in my Specialized WordPress Themes category here on my site


I’m no where near done telling you how much I love WordPress but I’ve got to move on to other things since I officially took off the “coming soon” page. It was too comfortable having the coming soon site up, and I had to force myself to get it done and the easiest way for me do motivate myself is through fear, haha! I’ll be adding special effects as I have time to learn and implement them so in the next few months, visit my site every couple weeks and you’ll see it grow like a beautiful flower.

When you are getting ready to go live with a web site, you have to go through a checklist, that reminds me of everything needed to satisfy Google.

It’s so important to spell and grammar check and READ EVERY NEW PAGE OUT LOUD! I have a “going live” checklist that have just finished as a PDF Checklist update, publish to site along with a thousand other things, buy an SSL certificate, a malware scanner possibly, join the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. I’m also getting certified in a number of skills to prove to the world I know what I’m doing. No biggie, a little walk in the park. 

I think 

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