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Such a huge general way of selling anything online, but ECommerce is the term for selling online. You can have a “Buy it Now” for one single product on one single web page or you can have a web site like Amazon.com that has literally hundreds of thousands of products with more features on its site than any web site you and I will most likely ever need. Bridal Registries, Wish Lists, Shopping Carts that keep your products safe and sound for when you come back to the web site and login the next time, “Save for Later” and even “Get Automatic Renewals” for discounts! all can be included in your shopping cart system, but you’ll pay for it in setup and even monthly fees sometimes. They can have

ECommerce is the term we use for selling anything online, whether it be a downloadable EBook in PDF format to someone in Huntington Beach, CA or 500 shirts to a company in the Netherlands. There are more payment methods now that ever, making it easier to sell products, as everyone has their own preferences. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, Echecks, PayPal, Google Wallet, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, 2Checkout and more.