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What the World Searched for in 2015

globe showing the world searching

Sometimes Early Morning Is The Best Time For Me To Write

So i’m starting my day, reading my emails, and opening up all the programs I work with. It’s 5:30 in the morning, and I’ve been up since 3:00 a.m., so I’m slowly getting into work mode. I open up Chrome, which has Google.com as my homepage.

I looked at the page and under the search box saw a linK that had this video:

So What’s The Point? Why Am I Showing You This?

The way the world has connected on a global level is changing right before our very eyes. We as a species are changing because of the availability of knowledge that search engines, mainly Google, and other types of media and the instant gratification we get as a society from finding out the answer to a question nearly immediately now, the fact that people are now talking to their phones and their phones are talking back, all say we’ve evolving!

Of course, evolving is painful. There have been terrible people doing terrible things, and now in todays world we see ALL OF IT live, steaming in our bedrooms.

I bought myself a smart TV for Christmas,k a present to myself for quitting smoking after 40 years of puffing, I figured i deserved a present that would change my life for the better.

My laptop / tablet somehow told YouTube that I now have one of these, I’m guessing because it’s on the network, but a new button showed up on my YouTube Account now next to every video. I now have a button that is right next to full screen and it looks like a TV. I moused over it and words popped up that said “Play on your TV”.

I was amazed and decided to click on it and “Voila!” That same video is on my 50″ screen. Awecome!!! I have a 4K video TV,l so any videos that are created by the new phones that have just come out that record in 4K.

But back to the subject of what people typed in and how it got out, you can go this page and see all examples, but i’m including the first one here just to give you a taste of how cool this web page is that shows in detail how the world changed.

We are what we search for, if you think about it 🙂

“On Friday, November 13, a theater, stadium, restaurant and cafe were attacked by terrorists, and the world desperately tried to find out if loved ones were safe and what had happened in the city of light. These coordinated attacks were the deadliest on French soil since World War II.”

https://www.google.com/trends/story/2015_US – HERE’S THE PAGE I FOUND

http://googletrends.github.io/parisattacks/ – CLICK THE LINK, it will take you to a full screen show, and you will see what people were searching for across the world, like the five major related searches to the Paris Attacks comging out of Google Search in every main country in the World. It’s just really cool, so give it a try. If you want to share it, use the first link.

Google is so amazing. I love it when I’m right, not to brag, but I’ve seen search engines come and go. Remember AOL? Remember Altavista? If you don’t remember the Yahoo Directory, you’re probably under 40. There was a time when i was a young adult about 29, maybe 30 and this was the ONLY thing that people searched on. It was THE THING. The search engine.

But the funny part is i predicted that Google would be different by sitting back and watching what they did differently that every other Internet giant. They did what was best for you. You the searcher, you the businessman, you the International Company. They made everyone happy, and created and are still creating things that people want. That’s why they’re still here and still successful, even more every day! They ask what people want, they listen to what you have to say on social media.

Those other search giants didn’t have social media, so Google also does owe Facebook and Twitter a big “Thank You!” to HELP them listen and help them try out new things and get rid of the ones people and companies didn’t like.

They have always done what’s best for you, the viewer, and the lesson that I’ve discovered of “why am I telling you this” is because that’s how you now HAVE to make your web site, you have to make it FOR THE VIEWER. It’s a requirement now.

You can’t think about what you want in your web site, you have to know what people who currently use and potentially come to your site will want to see or experience.

Web sites today are all about the user’s experience. And you’re going to have to make it a good one. That’s why I’ve put off putting up my new site, I have been trying to figure out what my viewers, clients, and potential clients want when they come to Blue Hyperlink, and I  have to tell my clients now that there is a new approach to building a web site from the ground up.

I’ll blog about that next.

Cheers, I hope you enjoyed the video I found, and the link to the live searches throughout the world at the same time, and how some were so similar, and how some were different in varying ways.

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