redesigning a web site

Web Site Redesigns

redesigning a web siteRedesigning your web site is very similar to building a brand new web site. I’ll need to examine the web site to see what technology was used. If the technology is completely outdated or I’m completely unfamiliar with the technology, I may need to rebuild the web site from the ground up.

I’ll need to know what you don’t like about the current design, what changes or additions you’re interested in, if there are any areas on the site that don’t work properly. This will help me create a web site of which you can be proud to show your clients.

I’ll also need to know where the web site is being hosted, if you’re happy with the current hosting company, and the codes to access the current web site and possibly the login for where you registered your domain name. I’ll let you know those things either on the phone or when we meet, but I may need access to the site to know exactly how the web site was built.

To see before and after screenshots of web sites that i have re-designed, visit my portfolio section on web site redesigns.

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