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Web Design – It’s Now About “The Viewer Experience”


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This page gives you the first stage of making your dream come true – the web design process. It should be an experience that your viewer will remember and want to share with friends and co-workers.

Web sites are my passion. I’ve fallen in love with every aspect of it from the beginning phone call with you, my client, to getting that email from you thanking me for quadrupling your business and hearing how happy you are to see your business on page one of Google.The process is still basically the same as when I started full time in 2000, but the rules and “recommendations” from the search engines have changed over the years. I’ve always recommended to my clients that their web site’s design, its content and the marketing that follows once finished all follow the current Google Webmaster Guidelines. Once you do that everything falls in place. The businesses that are still here have followed my recommendations. The ones that haven’t aren’t in business anymore.

Although the guidelines have changed drastically, the majority of the web sites I’ve built in my career are still doing well because I built them a quality web site with original, shareable text. And that was before sharing was even possible! I always design my clients’ sites for the visitor first, then for the search engines. You’re going to have to check your ego at the door when you start to learn what your visitors want, NOT what you want. I make sure my clients have content that engages and captures the attention of their visitors, whether it’s their very first time seeing the web site or they’ve come back to get started or to even buy more products. That means “walking a mile in their shoes”.

Google changed their guidelines so that the viewer is the most important thing, and you, the business or organization needs to start THINKING LIKE YOUR CLIENTS, NOT THE OWNER OF THE BUSINESS. Here’s how you do that. You let me help you make the web site FOR the visitors, not you. More than ever, you’ll need to know your clients’ demographics. What age range are they? How much money do they make? What are THEY interested in seeing. It’s called “The View Experience”. It means you have to ask your clients what they want and give it to them.


Before you even begin to write your web site content, you need to see what your competition is doing. If you don’t keywords selected, then that’s the first step. You can get them from words found in your printed brochures and flyers, or just see what your competition is doing by hitting the search box and taking notes. Once either you, myself, or both of use have done research, only then can we plan what type of content your site will have. You don’t have to “re-invent the wheel” but you do need to be original and different.


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