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Using HootSuite to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

hootsuite a social media management tool

hootsuite a social media management toolI’m all about saving time, and I’ll bet you are too! So you now have some social media accounts. ARRRGGGHHH !!! What do i next? I think that how most people feel. Well, here is some helpful information on how to get started.

The first thing you should be aware of is that Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are social media web sites. What does that mean? It means that they a network of people (not usernames). Yes, there are people behind them. Here’s a REALLY GOOD EXAMPLE of what the social media experience is all about. It’s like going to a cocktail party. You don’t walk in the door spouting off what you sell over and over again. People will think you’re nuts!!!

So you have to start out by connecting with people. Each social media web site has a different name for it, but you’ll get the gist. Make Friend, follow people, etc. If you’re brand new, start out by the web site’s method of adding by Gmail or Yahoo or Outlook accounts. Add your real life friends, then look through their friends, and join groups. Then add people in the groups you think might be a potential associate or client and connect with them. Then you have a starting point and can start to manage your interactions efficiently.

I’ve heard many great things about this web site called HootSuite.com It’s a way for people with multiple social media accounts to manage their accounts in a way that saves time and helps keep you more organized.

  1. Go to www.hootsuite.com and setup an account
  2. Add your social media accounts (up to five accounts are free, after that they charge 5.99/month, but well worth it I believe).
  3. Start to organize the interface the way that works for you. LEARN TO USE THE WEB SITE. Play, hover your mouse over buttons and see what they say, even click them. Read the FAQ’s here.
  4. LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE. This is a very important step. Remember the cocktail party example?  Look through your “streams” (a stream is a bunch of ssocial posts from them. Pay attention to what and how they put the information out there using that type of account. Learn by example.
  5. Get involved. Talk to people. = comment, like, re-tweet something you found interesting. It’s a huge compliment online to re-share something someone else posted.

Here’s a few great videos that will really help you:

How to use Hootsuite for Business | Live Demo of Hootsuite

HootSuite Beginners Tutorial

How I Use HootSuite – An Organization Tutorial

 Tips for Using Hootsuite


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