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Using AMP To Speed Up Your Mobile Pages

Everyone wants their web pages to load faster. Well, Google has taken upon itself to help us out by creating the “Accelerated Mobile Pages” Open Source Project. A WordPress web site using the AMP plugin has pages like any other HTML page seen on the mobile web but when using this WordPress plugin your static pages will load faster.

Google and all the people across the world who are working on this global project. They believe that combining limited technical functionality and better page caching will make pages load faster, and it seems to be working as I noticed my mobile pages loading faster.

The goal is that the combination of loading web pages with limited technical functionality and a distribution system built around caching will lead to better performing pages and an overall better viewer experience.

I’m putting this plugin on my “Must Have WordPress Plugins” article and will add more as technology evolves! because anything that helps your web pages load faster goes on my “good things” list. It will decrease your bounce rate and increase your conversions. What more could you want? Oh, and it’s free, of course!

If you want help installing this plugin, contact me today!