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Two New Exciting Ways to Pay Invoices for Blue Hyperlink Web Marketing

pay by email or cell

pay by email or cellThere are two new and exciting ways to make payments for your invoices to Blue Hyperlink Web Marketing. Here’s all the information to make it simple and easy to get me paid instantly and you can also use this for your business!!! I can show you how if you’re interested.

I’m always trying to stay on the cutting edge of everything I do with my business. You’re always  able to pay me by:

  • Check (business or personal)
  • Cash (if need be)
  • Paypal (send a payment to bryan@bluehyperlink.com and in the notes field just put the invoice number)
  • Credit Cards that are attached to your PayPal Account

One of the ways I’ve just recently added is ONLINE MOBILE AND EMAIL PAYMENTS:

You can now pay me for your invoices by using

Here’s how. The future is here! Now people can send and receive money directly to each other for free using a mobile phone number and / or an email address! How does it work?

You sign up for Email and Mobile  Transfers with your bank (most major banks like Wells Fargo, Chase and BofA have them, some smaller banks may not yet), then in the transfers section of your app or online banking you transfer money this way. Your bank will be able to set this up even over the phone with you possibly, just call them and ask. I did it online and it took all of ten minutes! One rule is that both accounts can’t be business checking accounts. I’ve made mine tied to a personal checking account, so you your business checking accounts can easily pay me now instantly and free of any fees (my FAVORITE part!!!).

If your bank is not listed here, simply go to your banks’ homepage and type in “email and mobile transfers” and you’ll find how it works with your bank. Mine is through Bank of America but you don’t have to have a BofA account to do it. It’s fast, easy and can be done right through your online banking or phone app for your bank.


BANK OF AMERICA: https://www.bankofamerica.com/online-banking/mobile.go

WELLS FARGO: https://www.wellsfargo.com/mobile/



If you have a small business, and accept payments, email me and I’ll help you set up this info on your web site.

I truly believe these types of innovations in technology are the future of commerce. No more giving out your credit card to companies you have no idea about, no transaction fees, or waiting periods. I believe the rest of the ecommerce world will catch up with this very quickly so it will be good for your to get familiar with it now, instead of later.

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