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The True Importance of Branding Your Company

So People Will Remember You When They Decide to Act

branding iron with wording of a company

Your company may be brand new or well established, but ask yourself these questions and if you don’t have most of the answers yet, there will be ways that Blue Hyperlink can help with all of the ways below, helping you do it the Right Way:

  • Have you established a name for yourself in your market?
  • Do people know the name “ABC Real Estate” or “XYZ Plumbing”?
  • Do they talk about you on social media and how much, is it in dozens, hundreds or thousands?
  • Are your followers liking your posts (if you’re doing that yet, if not, I’m here to help!)? or does your web site have a lot of traffic
  • What words are they typing in the most to get to what pages in your web site?
  • How many call to actions" achieved, meaning did you get what you wanted from the web sites actions over periods of time?
  • Are they sharing your posts on their website or on social media and if you, how much?
  • Do you know how many times your company’s name is mentioned across the web on a daily basis? If you are aware of all of these things and you’re company is doing well, you may have begun to establish what my industry calls “Creating Your Brand”.
  • I can help you with this, whether you have an idea in your head for a brand new business that’s going to shake the planet
  • He’s on his way to becoming a well know household name, a BRAND, so to speak.

This is what I’m talking about for your company but in much smaller sense. Your budget and marketing strategy decides how effective your brand can become. Name recognition is a powerful thing, and now Google is using it in their algorithms through all the things i mentioned above. Contact me today for a free consultation and  and a free analysis of your “brand”! I’ll run reports and send you your status on the web!

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Hello, my name is Bryan Grandy and I'm the owner of Blue Hyperlink Web Marketing. It's a big long name for a company but I offer a great of services! The "blue hyperlink" reference comes from when web sites were in their infancy and the way travel the web is to click on hyperlinks. they were a bright garish blue for years. My company offers a variety of web design and intenet marketing service at affordable prices.

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