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The Tropicale Restaurant in Palm Springs WordPress Web Site

the tropicale web site in 2011

Toni Di Lembo, owner of the Tropicale Bar / Restaurant in Palm Springs, CAI was approached by Tony Di Lembo after helping him with a graphic for his web site. I guess he was happy with it, as he approached me wanting to make his web site HTML based. For the first year, I created and ran his html site

In 2007, The Tropicale’s web site had a front page that was appropriate for the time because the designer made it completely in flash but Tony wasn’t happy with how the web site was doing well in the search engines.

Now, at this time, Google didn’t read flash graphics, until some special code came out, and for a white…but i digress, i don’t deal with Flash anymore, too many other great ways using HTML 5 that are an incredible use of code to make things move again on web sites.

I’ll be doing this on version two of my own web sites, but it takes quite a bit of learning so right now I’m leaving that work to the programmers on my team. In most cases most search engines just see a blank page (only Google can read Flash, so why would you use it now?) , the very most important page.

The rest of his site had HTML in it with flash throughout various sections. The rest of the site was inside frames, another thing Google had trouble with reading (I know, can you believe it, Google NOT knowing something?).

So, I worked on the design and gave him my first draft after a lengthy couple of meetings and he was very happy with it. The new design worked out well until I convinced Tony that WordPress was the way to go so around 2010, I installed the WordPress platform and a beautiful HTML based Flash with the left sidebar having just a small bit of the old site’s flash (and the moving seahorses and seaweed flowing was pretty cool), so we made it nonetheless.

It was a big hit for a number of years, and I helped Tony still manage the site up until he sold his company and they decided to change webmasters.

Here’s what Tony had to say:

“We were reluctant to change our web site because we thought it was already good. After deciding to re-design the site with Bryan, we can’t believe how much better it is! Now the site “feels” like the restaurant and has every bit of detail we wanted to include. Everything we asked Bryan to do was done, quickly, competently, and pleasantly. Great job!” Tony Di Lembo, Owner, THE TROPICALE”

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