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The Events Department

The Events Department is a WordPress web site, which you can see it on the web here: http://www.eventsdepartment.com

A client since 2005, I created Laurie a table based html web site using Dreamweaver templates. I created html pages, image galleries, testimonials that actually have the real card or email scanned or print screened. I also included a huge audio library of mp3 files of an entire section on bands for events.

Then I added unique content using information given to my by the client and within one year, this client was number one and two for almost every wedding or event related keyword on Google and every other search engine.

No real link building campaign or anything else besides optimizing the web pages in general each time I added one of each of the hundreds of pages I created. She just rose to the top organically because she allowed me to follow every Google webmaster Guideline at the time of making the site.

The majority of her business was coming from the web site, which had wedding, private parties and corporate functions sections with details event order forms with dozen and dozens of fields emailed to the client.

In 2012, Laurie finally took advantage of my request from the last five years of me telling her it was time to update to WordPress and let me rebuild that web site with hundreds of pages in a secure platform where her employees could now blog, add photo galleries of new events and weddings, add new testimonials, and change any bit of text on the web site.

Also the site is entirely responsive, meaning it’s built to look perfect on all devices made, from a small cellphone to a iPad, to a 70 inch TV! Also every page and image had the ability to share, email or even print the pages and images.

Her new site, with the new logo I gave her is now up to new search engine guidelines and has total security from hackers.

Here’s what Laurie said about my services:

“Dear Bryan,

Too often too much time goes by before a much appreciated Thank You is given. Well this is no exception because way too much time has passed and more than a thank you is due. We have been working together for 2 years and you continue to amaze me with your talent, foresight, creativity, knowledge, speedy responses and without fail always a positive attitude and outlook!! Two years ago you took The Events Department website and completely renovated it into an amazing tool that accomplishes exactly what a website should accomplish and that is first class appeal in every element and area.

Not to mention keeping our placement/ranking in the front and at the top. With pleasure and enthusiasm I have referred you to colleagues and those that have engaged in your services have all reported back to me about what a tremendous job you have done or are doing for them and how much they wished they had listened to me sooner (LOL) about contacting you.

Thank you for continuing to be available and for always keeping me informed on new ideas, thoughts and direction that will better serve The Events Department and ultimately The Events Department Clientele.”

Laurie Lund

Now the employees are able to do all of the changes now to her web site and her top ten rankings are still there.

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