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The Basics

people planning what kind of web site they are going to need in a meetingMany people I talk to have no idea about how a web site comes into existence, so I have decided to break it down into some very simple steps that I help my clients with.

Each section below has links to more information on the question or comment. So when a phrase is underlined, or is says “click here”, that means, well…click here to get more information on that topic.

So starting from scratch.

You Have a Business or an Idea for a New Business

You have an idea for a web site / business, or you already have a business but no web site, or you have a web site for your business that needs some attention or upgrading. These three situations are what I encounter with every phone call.

You Need a Web site

You’re going to need a lot of things to have a completed web site but here is a nice “to do list” of things you’ll need to consider, many times in this order:

  1. You need a domain name
  2. You need a hosting account
  3. You need a logo, and if you have a logo, I’ll need a digital version of it. If you don’t have one, contact your logo designer. If you need to have it digitally redone, I can do it very inexpensively.  If you don’t have a logo, I can design one for you. Visit this page for more information on logo design.
  4. You need content for your web site – that breaks down into:
    1. Text
    2. Images
    3. Video
  5. You need to choose the type of web site that’s right for your business’s needs and budget. Here are the ways I can help your business:
    1. A simple static HTML web site (the least expensive solution)
    2. A WordPress Web Site ( a great way for beginning to intermediate computer skills, lets you make the content changes)
    3. A Joomla Web Site (for advanced users only, also has some functionality WordPress doesn’t have)
    4. An E Commerce Web Site (a site that mainly or solely sells products or services. Both WordPress and Joomla do E Commerce, but there are other E-Commerce option you can explore on teh phone or here on my web site.

 This information has links to most all of the basics of how you get started with the process of creating a web site.

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