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Stock Photography For Your Web Site

Photos are an essential part of a web site. Graphics that are made using photos that are relevant to your industry personalize your site, helping visitors know what you’re about. People’s eyes are naturally drawn to images, so adding images to your web pages help them know what that web page is about. It’s also important to use images that you have permission to use to avoid any future conflicts. The majority of the photos on my web site are purchased from Fotolia and IStockPhoto, my two favorite stock photography sources.

The majority of the photos cost anywhere from a dollar to ten dollars and come in high resolution. Size depends on the price you pay, so if need a small images, they’re very inexpensive. Choosing your own photos or graphics also ensures that you are satisfied with the images on your web site.

Here are some web sites that offer stock photography for low prices:

Here are some web sites that offer FREE stock photography for your web site:

Here are some web sites that offer graphics made on the computer by artists using Programs like Photoshop or Illustrator

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