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Starting a Business on the Internet From Scratch

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If you want to start a business you need a web site. I hope you are reading this before you’ve picked a name for your business, bought ten domain names, an expensive do-it-yourself web design package and costly hosting account.

Many times a great idea for a new product or service comes into your mind that you think and people you trust think is a VERY good idea. That’s the perfect start! Products are more difficult and require a lot of capital to get going but the Internet has now provided CrowdSourcing to get funds if you have a really GREAT IDEA!

What if I Have Products to Sell?

You have a lot of work on your hands! You have to:

  1. Create the products and create a quality control system that keeps every product the same
  2. Create a Returns Policy, a Using Our Site Page and a Privacy Policy Page.
  3. Take photos of every product and be ready to give them titles and descriptions.
  4. Weigh and measure your products and find out which boxes you’ll be using and if if more than one product fits in a box.
  5. Put all of the information into a spreadsheet and you now have a product database which can then be uploaded  I’m going to be selling downloadable PDF’s, some freee, some paid, depending on the amount of work needed to. I’ll be doing all of the same things listed here even for downloadable products
  6. Go to the list below the services section and follow every one of those directions.

What If I Have a Service to Promote?

Services based businesses are much cheaper but you need experience and testimonials and samples of your work, called a portfolio, to convince people to trust you enough to do business with you. Trust is a huge factor whether it’s services or products and I’ll link to the entire page once done on Trust.

Trust is something that comes from how you handle yourself and what experience you have. If you are going to be the person they pay to handle their business needs in whatever field you’re going into, whether it be event planning or using a drone to take air and videos / pictures of anything from events, businesses, homes for realtors, , or even deliver packages, it all costs some money.

When you’re first starting out, you may have to work for free, but not for long. When i first started my web design business, i was making homepages for people on the interest when there was NO SOCIAL MEDIA.

No Facebook, no Twitter. Just AOL, where you could make web pages that allowed you to post photos (video was impossible at the time due to bandwidth and speed.  I ended up actually starting my business officially by convincing a retail store that they could sell their products online and that it’d be cheaper to pay me $10/hr.

They had to add in all of their products so rather than to do it themselves, as well as try to make the web site I got to help them and made two huge Ecommerce sites my first ones and one happened to be one of the biggest shopping / local sites in town, the brick and mortar store, called QTrading.

Don’t limit your client base either. With new technologies coming out everyday, they create new markets, and thus room for new businesses. Once you put what you’re doing even onto a Facebook Page and a YouTube Channel and a one page web site with just a paragraph of what you do and your contact info.

I can help you set up a small business like that for a VERY AFFORDABLE price! It’s no problem, but the one page would just be simple html based like a business card, nothing you can manage, but we can upgrade to that later!) You’ll need to learn how to add the content to whatever social media channels we choose to garner interest to your business, which I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting!

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  1. Call me or email me and we can discuss it. I may already know its a saturated market or maybe I’ve never heard of it and that would be great!
  2. Come up with the idea and write it all down as soon as you get it into your head beore you forget anything, your ideas when fresh are usually the best. Use a program like Evernote, or OneNote, or some type of
  3. Make a simple business plan of what you want to do, how you want to success in small steps, but dream BIG!
  4. Create a dream board for your business, a space on a cork board or magnetic whiteboard, somewhere you can visually add plans you dream about, and see things happen or plan for them to happen. Studies show that people who create these dream boards many times achieve what they put on them.
  5. Choose your business name wisely: it can be whatever you want, but keep it short, related to what you do if possible and make it something people will remember. And it’s pretty close to permanant, especially if you plan to work on “branding” your business (making it a household name that peopel think of when they think of your product or service). A memorable name like “Google” did pretty well if you think about it. Do you remember when people were saying, “What the heck is Google?” NOW, it’s a verb. People are googling things they want to find on the web.
  6. Find out the budget for getting started before you find out you can’t afford it. For example, research the cost of a business license in your city and if selling, find out any state licensing fees or national costs if you’re selling a product or products to people across the world.
  7. Assume you’re going to have to  have at least a one page business card web site, people won’t trust you if you can’t afford a domain name and a hosting account to put the files that the domain points to. There are many more wasy to build trust. When i am finished with my post of that I will add a link here.
  8. Buy your domain name and setup a business email. Expect 12 bucks minimum but sometimes you can get a special for the first year, so do research. And don’t pay for email, it should be free with hosting. Godaddy has very free and very expensive plans, use the former, not the latter until you can afford it if you want to use or already have a Godaddy account and their prices are great at the time of getting started. Try to register the domain for 2 or more years, Google will not take you seriously if they think you’re only going to be aroujnd for a year. The more the better and the more years you buy it for, the more you save. CONSULT ME before you spend money. I can help give you my honest professional opinion on a domain and give you real life situations where it will or will not work.
  9. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH !!! Did I say research? It’s your new best friend, so practice with this task or go to my hosting page and pick one, I’ve done a lot of research and found some of the most reliable hosting companies that do both domain and hosting for great prices. Pick one of those (choose the smallest “LINUX” plan, it’s an operating system on a web server but they usually only have limited services, like one web site and one domain and limited space, which is fine for a web site with a small number of pages, even a big amount of pages of content usually!).
  10. Learn how to search like an expert! You can download my “How to Really Learn to Search the Internet” in my Downloads Section.
  11. Research to see if you have competition – you will, I’m sure of it in some way, shape or form! Even if it’s a brand new idea as it’s a VERY BIG WORLD OUT THERE on the Internet.
  12. Once you know your competition, then you can talk with me about them. Tell me who they are by sending me their web addresses and I can officially do research on their social standing, their links, how long they’ve been online in business, and much more and send you reports. You may want to adjust your business plan based on the reports I send you.
  13. Create a Contract, a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for your web site’s business. You can find a sample of each in my Downloads Section.
  14. Limit your liabilities too. The cheapest way to do that is www.legalzoom.com and you can also talk to REAL LIVE attorneys there, not sure of the cost but you can look it up
  15. Join one to two social networks. Let me setup the business pages for you, espcially for Facebook as it’s a bit tricky. Facebook is usually the best one for small business owners. And it’s fun to use!

I’ll try and do a blog post on the correct way to start a business in greater detail, maybe even a series on how I do it, and add a link in this article, but until then, this should keep you very busy! And CALL or EMAIL ME any time during this process!

If you’ve already done all of these items, a web site will be cheaper, and faster in the creation process because you can give me everything all at once, and that’s how I work now. I don’t accept jobs unless every page / beginning post / product is completed per this page above at its


I only start when clients are ready to go, with all the pieces of the puzzle. I’m happy to help you as you gather them, answer questions, sending helpful links to businesses either on my web site that I’ve written reviews on, or directly to their sites.

There is SO MUCH FREE HELP out there and I will be sharing it with you. For you, all you have to do is Google what you need help with. It’s how I taught myself 20 years ago to make web sites and market them for myself, and then eventually for companies I worked for, and then finally today for dozen and dozens of clients over the last 15 years.

More to come, but have faith in yourself and there is a quote that says:

“If you do what you love, you won’t work a day in your life.”

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