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Thanks for visiting, the web site for Blue Hyperlink Web Marketing. Pardon our dust this week as we remodel and update and upgrade to the latest and greatest, just for you, our visitor, potential, new and current clients. We have a lot of educational information to help people new to the internet or just starting their first business online, which will be back upo and updated for 2015 soon!

My name is Bryan Grandy, I'm the owner of Blue Hyperlink Web Marketing. I make "search engine friendly" web sites that my clients can manage adding and editing their content, create relevant unique shareable content they can share with people across social media sites easily along with analytics and social metrics, proving progress by sending reports that show your progress in search engines and sites like Facebook and Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

Note: my web site is under heavy redevelopment to display current web site technology and design using HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0, It was ALSO contain security technologies that keep web sites safe for viewing and tech that allows for "lightning speed" load times and many new functionalities and special effects,

My updated site will have fresh new content in a completely new 100% responsive (meaning the web site will "respond" accordingly to the smallest and largest of display sizes, from mobile phone browsers to 60" television screens and all sizes of monitors and other devices, even game consoles!!!

From now on my site and all the sites i build will have all the latest security and will have the most current "up-to-date" information for you on every subject from optimizing a web page for a keyword in 2015, now that everything that google wants to see in quality web sites has changed (and much for the better for honest, hardworking people!) I'll be giving you regular new content that you will WANT to share with everyone you know!


My primary goal is to help your business, group or organization flourish and surpass any goals you set when once we begin our partnership of working together. My philosophy is this: if you're happy with your experience with my company, you'll tell others about me. It's as simple as that. My experience in business gives me a very unique approach to helping clients.

I started designing web sites in 1994 (when AOL was King) , designed web sites at many real estate and mortgage companies, simply because I had been hired for another job, but as soon as they found out I was proficient in web design and search engine optimization, i was moved to the marketing department each time!

I spent about five years as mortgage broker, working with realtors, buyers, sellers, escrow and title companies, so I'm very familiar with all of the terminology used in these fields. I then created my own mortgage lead inquiry service that catered to mortgage brokers, helping them find new clients for their business. I was basically running a small version of Lending Tree, and that's when i was able to hone my skills and get our domain, to page one for anything related to mortgage leads. NONE of our business from advertising, only my online web design and SEO skills.

I liked this feeling of helping my company (and others i worked with on sites) SO MUCH that it became my passion, and I spent a year really teaching myself the current methods of designing what i call "search engine friendly" web sites, web sites with web pages and other content such as images and video, that naturally and organically rose to the first page of whatever search engine was the major player at the time, first AOL, then the Yahoo Directory, then Google of course.


  • I have an advantage that many web designers don't have: I have the business experience and maturity to back up my design and promotion skills. Here are the ways I feel I can benefit you and your company:
  • I listen carefully to what you have to say and take notes during our conversations.
  • I return phone calls or emails promptly!
  • I make sure I know exactly what you want so you're happy with the end results
  • I find out what you're currently doing to succeed and apply it to an online strategy.
  • I research your competition in-depth to see how competitive your market is on the Web
  • i then use works for the top ten competition as well as use my own mthods of helping you succeed
  • I create a list of keywords that will be the cornerstone of your online marketing.
  • I can create vibrant keyword rich copy that will keep your viewers interested in your site
  • I can help your site rank well in major search engines
  • I can help you sell your products or service
  • I formulate a short term and long term plan for your success online. I work within your budget WHATEVER IT MAY BE (i am happy to do a one page "business card" web page for a very fair price.


9591 Caithness Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Cell: (714) 421-1881
Fax: (801) 881-7948
Email: info(at)

If you're interested in hearing more about how I can help you with your business or organization, plea CALL OR EMAIL ME RIGHT NOW!


I also give free one hour consultations either over the phone, via video chat or in person, depending on where you life. i look forward to unveiling my new site and to having you get to see the ways i can help you success!

Warm Regards,

Bryan Grandy, Owner