Social Media Consulting

One of my favorite ways to help business owners is to give them a way to connect with their current and potential clients. Social Media, especially Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, have brought about a major shift in how consumers use the Internet to look for products and services. People are now searching Twitter, Facebook and whatever favorite social network for recommendations from their connections.

Reviews from other users on social sites have now started to influence rankings in Google and Bing, so it’s a good idea to start now. Establish your business identities on the social networks that work for you and begin to build connections and positive reviews.

Facebook is changing the way people use the Internet. A recent study showed the more people visited Facebook on a daily basis than Google, and their membership is up to 350 million. I can help you build a network of business contacts and potential customers or i can instruct you to do it yourself. I am happy to instruct you on the basics of adding friends, sending out emails and updates to people who “like” your business page and more. It’s a great addition to your overall marketing plan.

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