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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a way for web surfers to save, store online, organize and manage their favorite web sites online by using a web site that offers this type of free service. The users of these types of web sites save their favorites and are able to access them, usually through an add on to their favorite web browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Bookmarks can be saved so others can browse them or made to be private. People browse other member’s bookmarks to find interesting sites by browsing by the “tags” or keywords that people add to the bookmark.

Since these types of bookmarking have become so popular, it has become common practice for webmasters and web site owners to submit their web sites and main sections within their web site to these different types of social bookmarking sites. I can add a small bit of code to your site that adds a button so people can add your site to their favorites. It’s a free way to have your visitors add links on other sites to your own!

I can add a keyword-rich bookmark to a large number of these types of web sites. What will this do for you? It will help people find your site. It also builds keyword rich links toward your web site.

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