Welcome to Our Web Design Firm, Blue Hyperlink. Our services include web design, all types of marketing for the web and many miscellaneous other services including specializing in local Wordpress web sites since the year 2000. We've helped many small local businesses get to page one of Google and we can help you too! Call or email us today at info@bluehyperlink.com or (714) 577-2270 (click to call on your phone)!


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I offer a wide variety of services to my clients, from a simple one page starter page to an advanced content management web site with hundreds of pages. I can help you make a web site that complements your business and features your products or services in the best way possible. The majority of my services involve helping small businesses succeed online. One of my main focuses is how search engines find and rank your site naturally. My goal is to help every web site get to the top of the search engines by making them a quality web site with unique content that search engines love. If you’re interested in talking about getting to the top of the search engines, I can help.

Web Site Design

Whether you’re a brand new business or already have an existing web site that needs updating or a complete redesign, I can help. About the types of web sites I design:  Web sites that display information I call a brochure-style web site, because they’re like a brochure on the web. Depending on your needs, I may recommend another type of web site. For example, maybe you want to manage your own content, or have a blog that you can regularly add content to.

Web Site Redesigns

I help many companies with a “face lift” for their existing site, or even take over managing when you and your current webmaster have parted ways. Redesigning your web site is very similar to building a brand new web site. I’ll need to examine the web site to see what technology was used. If the technology is completely outdated or I’m completely unfamiliar with the technology, I may need to rebuild the web site from the ground up.

WordPress Web Sites / Content Management

I specialize in helping clients manage their own content through an open source (free) software called WordPress. Visit this section for more information.

Search Engine Marketing

In more simple terms, I help clients with everything from getting into search engines and directories, to advanced marketing and top ten rankings on Google and Yahoo. I offer a wide. Visit this section to learn more.

Facebook Pages for Businesses and Organizations

Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. It’s a common extension of any businesess’ online presence. I can help you create the right type of page for your business or organization and help you customize the viewer’s experience, tailoring it with graphics, html and applications within Facebook related to your business.

Social Media Consulting:

In addition to Facebook, I provide setup, configuration and marketing for all major types of social networking sites including  YouTube, Merchant Circle, Linked In,  Twitter , Yelp or whatever might fit your business or organization. This type of marketing is becoming a standard in any smart internet marketing strategy. There are too many types of social media sites to mention here, but based on your business, I can help you get exposure on the sites that will work for you to bring visitors to your web site.


there are a wide variety of ways to sell your web site. From a simple buy it now button using PayPal to an e commerce store using the latest pci-compliant technology, it all depends on your needs. Visit this section for more information on E-commerce

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