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Search Engine Submission Checklist

Submitting your web site to search engines is a process that requires time and consideration. A properly made web site will already comply with the majority of these guidelines. Before I submit your site to any search engine, I make sure I’ve gone through the checklist to make sure I’ve followed every guideline as closely as possible.

  1. Have you created web pages with substantial unique content that your visitors will want to read?
  2. Does your content contain targeted key phrases, not just general keywords?
  3. Does each web page contain a unique title?
  4. Are you using multiple keyword combination on each page when appropriate?
  5. Are your most important keywords appearing at the beginning of the page and are used throughout the rest of the page?
  6. Are you including keywords in link text?
  7. Does each web page have a call to action of some kind, for example to fill out a form or buy something, or even directing you to another section of the site?
  8. Does each page contain a unique Meta tag description that contains your keywords?
  9. Does each web page contain a unique Meta tag keyword list?
  10. Have you used every keyword listed in the Meta tag in the body of text?
  11. Do your graphic images contain descriptive keywords in the alternate text attribute?
  12. Do you provide at least two methods of navigating through your site, one for visitors and one for search engines?
  13. Do you have a site map linked from your homepage for both visitors and search engines to navigate?
  14. Does your site use frames?
  15. Have you created a robots.txt file and placed it in your root directory?
  16. If your site uses JavaScript, did you place the code in an external file to reduce total code size? If so, did you place a no follow command in the robots.txt file?
  17. If you used Cascading Style Sheets to format the site’s colors, did you place the code in an external file to reduce total code size?
  18. Did you check to make sure you have no redirects on your site?
  19. Are your optimized pages easy for search engines to locate, either in the root directory or in one sub folder?
  20. If within your budget, did you submit your site to Pay for Inclusion Sites?

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