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Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketing for palm springs, rancho mirage, palm desert

I want to start out this page of my web site with a quote about how to keep customers for life, and that’s what marketing is all about, right? Getting clients or buyers, and having them use and recommend you.

“Revolve your world around your customer and more customers will revolve their world around you.”

– Heather Williams

One of the services I provide for my clients is search engine marketing. It’s a big general term that is used to help your business rank well on search engines. Here are some examples of how I can help you with ranking well in the search engines:

  1. Web Site Analysis with Recommendations – I examine your current web site, run reports that provide helpful insight into your needs, and offer my findings and recommendations. I’ll let you know what I believe will help get you rank higher in search engines. I’ll also give you an estimate of how long and how much it will cost to do what I recommend.
  2. Researching Your Competition: it’s very important to know who you’re up against, beyond just knowing their names. Learn more here about how to know your enemy online!
  3. Search Engine Optimization: this is a fancy term for fine tuning each page in your web site to make sure it’s finely targeted for one search term and follows all search engine guidelines.
  4. Local Search: if you’re a business with a local storefront, it’s essential to get your business listed in the local results of search engines. Learn more in this section.
  5. Free Directory Submissions: this is a great way to establish one-way links from other web sites toward yours. It’s a way to create keyword-rich links within these web sites as they allow you to pick the title of your listings (for example, my business might be listed as “Web Design in Palm Springs”.
  6. Paid Inclusion Directory Submissions: there are some directories that charge a fee to include your listing, some are one time fees, some are annual. If you’re really looking to improve your rankings in a highly competitive market, this is a great way to establish permanent quality links.
  7. Link Exchanges with Related Web Sites: if you are a new web site and want to start building links to your business, a way to get started quickly is by exchanging links with other related businesses.
  8. Online Advertising: another service I provide is setting up and managing ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. Google is the most popular, commonly referred to as “Google Adwords”. It’s free to setup and account, but what’s important is the words you choose. Proper research can provide a profitable stream of incoming business to your web site and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The minimum cost is $5/day and you can pause it whenever you like.
  9. Social Bookmarking: another way to organize your “Favorites” is by using online services that store your favorites. Some examples are digg.com, del.icio.us, and stumbleupon.com. I can add a keyword-rich bookmark across many of these social bookmarking web sites. What will this do for you? It will help people find your site. The interesting thing about these web sites is that the other people using these sites browse other people’s bookmarks in order to find things that interest them. People just love to be nosy, but this time it can pay off for you!
  10. Monitoring Your Search Engine Rankings’ Progress: when I take on a client for SEO and try to help them achieve page one rankings on Google, I also provide reports every month to show your progress.

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