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Savoury’s Catering in Palm Springs

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Savoury’s Catering in Palm Springs is a great example of a brochure style web site redesign; this is one of my favorite designs.

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Special Features:

  • Complete “Search Engine Friendly” Web Redesign
  • Multiple Flash / XML Thumbnail Photo Galleries with Full Screen Option
  • Flash Slideshow with Testimonials on Homepage

The newly designed look and feel is beautiful, modern, sleek and portrays how wonderful their catering truly is. I made a rather unique slideshow on the homepage with small phrases from their testimonials section that truly shows what they do for their clients. The original web site was just “okay” and was built using PHP with a content management platform that was very limited. They could make very few changes to their content and couldn’t change the various parts of the web site.

This company does all of the catering for the Palm Springs Convention Center and the web site has a number of flash / xml based photo galleries (that means a lot of images can be loaded into one gallery) that offer a full screen option when you’re viewing them. They also cater for some spectacular large scale events and also various smaller events in private homes and for weddings and corporate functions.

When I began this project, their company ranked nowhere in search engine results. A few months after I redid their web site, they began to rank on page one for their major search terms (they’re currently NUMBER ONE for “catering in palm springs”.


Click either photo to see the before and after screenshots of this web site.

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