Welcome to Our Web Design Firm, Blue Hyperlink. Our services include web design, all types of marketing for the web and many miscellaneous other services including specializing in local Wordpress web sites since the year 2000. We've helped many small local businesses get to page one of Google and we can help you too! Call or email us today at info@bluehyperlink.com or (714) 577-2270 (click to call on your phone)!


pricing for web design, seo, marketing, facebook and other servicesA web site can be very affordable, or a substantial investment in your business, or somewhere in the middle. A one page web site can be done in a couple of hours. A web site with somewhere around 5 to 10 pages can take up to ten hours of my time. E commerce is more of a substantial investment as there are more things to consider.

I try my best to provide affordable web design and search engine marketing. Price can be the bottom line for small businesses. I’m happy to work with whatever budget you have to give you the most product for your money.

If you’re interested in pricing for any on my services, please don’t hesitate to call me up or email me. I’m happy to work within any budget, and work can be spread out over time if you want something you can’t afford all at once. I use weekly invoices, so you can set a budget of a maximum weekly cost.

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