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Picking the Domain Name For Your Web Site

Your web site’s domain name is a very important part on your online presence. It’s how people find you, and hopefully how they remember you. When you register a domain name, you use a “domain registrar” to reserve and manage it. These companies many times do other things, such as hosting. Some examples of these types of companies are Go Daddy, Register.com, Network Solutions and InternetRegistration.com.

Choosing the right domain name for your web site is very important – a domain that contains a key phrase related to your business can help it rank better for that specific phrase. You can also have your business name and have them both point to your web site.

A domain name that contains an important key phrase can be very helpful in ranking well on search engines. For example, if you sell widgets, you could look for a domain like affordablewidgets.com.

If you need help picking your domain name, I’m happy to help.

There are many different ways to check availability and register your domain name. Right now, GoDaddy.com is about the most affordable and their service is fine. They always cost under ten dollars per year.

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