Photo Galleries for Your Web Site

Photo Galleries for your Web SiteIf you’ve got a lot of photos that you’d like to show visitors, there are a variety of ways to display them. The technology that can be used will depend on how many photos and how you want to organize them.

If you have five to ten photos, a gallery of thumbnails that link to full sized images works well. The thumbnails can be arranged in columns so they’re easy for readers to find what they want. A flash image gallery that displays thumbnails, medium sized images and link those images to a full sized photo is another great option. If you have a number of galleries, I can create a page with images that link to a number of galleries. See an example here.

If you’ve got a great deal of images you want to display, you most likely would benefit from having a WordPress Web site. You’d then have control of all your images. See more on this topic here.

If you prefer to use an image hosting service, you can set up your own account on web sites like Face Book, or Flickr.

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