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Optimizing Your Web SIte and its Pages

Optimizing Your Web SIte and it's Pages

Search Engine Optimization is a technical term for closely examining a web page(s) in your web site, as well as and your visitors overall "user experience" on that page and throughout your entire web site to make sure it’s the best experience they can possibly have.

It is the process of then fine-tuning each page, section and elements in a web site to make sure each page has a well written topic or theme consisting of one or two phrases important to your business, which is another name for those all important KEYWORDS that everyone always talks about on each page!

The process also is all about ensuring that your web site follows all of the search engines’ guidelines of what makes a GREAT web site that people will LOVE and WANT TO SHARE WITH EVERYONE!. Specific examples of what’s checked are well written computer code, correct spelling and grammar, and literally hundreds more, so I’ll stop there as to not make your eyes glaze over!

A Couple or "Real World" Examples of to Help you Understand Better

It’s Like Getting a Tune Up for Your Car:

I’ve always said it’s like going to Goodyear to get your tires rotated and having them do their 21 point inspection on the car just to make sure everything is running at top efficiency and that nothings leaking or needs replacing.

If You Want to Understand More – Keep Reading!

When I’m getting ready to get your estimate out to you, I ask you, when we first start this very important question?


It costs more, but in the long run, it’s ten times better than advertising because all the work done stays. When your ads stop, you have nothing to show for it except for the clients and sales you got during your ad compaign. No residual effect unless you build a mailing list, which we can do here for free through MailChimp which is free, or Constant Contact, which is about $35/mo or so. MailChimp has basically the same mailing list capabilities for beginning businesses. There are others too.

Also, if you don’t want to learn all this you don’t have to but it’s all here, WHAT I DO FOR YOU, my clients. I believe in transparency and being honest with my clients even if I tell them something they don’t want to hear.

You may ask me any questions you may have about the entire process before, during and after we’ve launched your web site. The process includes examining a specific web page and comparing it to other web pages that rank in the top ten positions for a certain search term.

Before I submit your site to the search engines, I recommend SEO work on the most important pages in your web site and will provide you with a list of them and you can decide if you want me to optimize them.

I use some of the Industry’s Top Software to help me analyze your site overall including each of the articles and important web pages. I also use a Search Engine Submission Checklist once we’re done with the site, before I send it to the search engines. This ENSURES that your we site gets the attention it deserves.

It’s Like a Putting Out a Professional, Well Written Magazine

Think of a property optimized web site like a polished, perfect for the coffee table, popular magazine with just the right articles that you’re looking for and some you didn’t even know you wanted to read!.

A good writer goes through his content to make sure it’s easily readable. He makes sure it says what he wants it to say without being too long winded yet being thorough, finding just the right balance on every page in the magazine.

Each article has the correct grammar, spelling and syntax, and reads well as part of the story. The photos used are professional grade high resolution and complements the text perfectly. The pages in your web site load as fast as like turning to another section or page in that magazine and taking a few seconds to look over the page to see what looks interesting to you, something we all do when reading anything.

I use software and my 20 years of experience in writing for the web, to analyze the content of a specific page or pages on your site. The software finds and analyzes the top ten search engine result pages (the technical term is "SERP’S" for short, that one took me a while to remember so don’t feel bad if you say WHAT?) .

My software stays up to date on what search engines want and I pay to keep it up to date with Google’s frequent changes. It carefully, quickly and precisely sorts through, and examines EXACTLY WHAT THOSE WEB SITES DID TO GET ONTO PAGE ONE. And then it tells me what to do for your page or pages to reach page one.

There’s one thing that software can’t do. It can’t examine each web page like a human being can, and say, "Wow, that’s a great web site page!". Not yet but it’s close. Heat maps can be used to see where people’s eyes linger, and where they move away from on any page in a web site.

Every web site has a link structure, a menu or menus and sections you want people to go to and perform certain actions. The links clicked all create a picture that the software gives to me and says, "Here’s what’s popular that you should keep and here’s what needs improvement. And i mean right down to how many words a a page title has, down to the amount of characters!!!

My Internet Business Promoter, an industry leader in SEO (their web site gets between 20K and 40K visitors PER DAY) gives me all of these suggestions in a report on how to help that specific web page achieve the same high rankings as the top ten. It checks for a wide variety of factors that major search engines take into consideration, including:

  • the number of words on the page
  • is the focus or theme of the page clear (but not TOO CLEAR)?
  • how many words are in the title of the page
  • where and how often the key word or words are on the page
  • is it easy to read and does the text flow well?
  • there is actually a test, the Flesch–Kincaid Readability Test it has to pass!!!
  • how many other quality web pages / web sites link to that page?
  • and much, much more!

The ONE THING it can’t do is something Google is now requiring. You have to PROVIDE SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND SPECIAL that the other sites on page one font’ have.

What could that be, I know you’re asking yourself. Well, it’s subjective, and unknown and that’s when research comes in handy. I will find out what your competition has and help you come up with something they DON’T HAVE and give it to the your visitors.

The next thing you’re going to say is "Give me an example". Easy!!! Of course, this all depends on how much competition there is for a keyword. Sometimes it’s easy and you don’t even have to find something unique. BUT, if you want to kick someone off of page one on Google for "real estate in Los Angeles", for example, we’re going to have to get creative and do something that none of them do.

EVERY situation is different. Sometimes this won’t be necessary but many times if you want to be on the top of the organic (those are the natural non-ad results) search engine results.

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