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New Heart Bleed Virus Threat for 66 Percent of Online Stores using Open SSL

heartbleed virusThe Heart Bleed Virus has recently stirred up a ton of trouble for big and small online retailers. It has been mostly eradicated from your major retailers but there still are web sites that could be affected. The  Web Sites used something called Open SSL (for securing your personal information including credit cards, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, etc. It affected approximately 66% of all all online retailers using this technology. It’s important to change your passwords once you know a web site is safe and has either NOT been infected or HAVE REMOVED the virus. There is a test that you can perform on any web site to see if it still has the Heart Bleed virus. IF you own a web site, and you use an SSL Certificate, I recommend you use this test on your own site and contact me if you find that your web site is  infected. There’s now way to know unless you do the test or if on a major shopping site, look for information or a lnk to an article about if it affected them and IF IT’S SAFE TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW. If it’s  not, wait until they tell you it’s safe, otherwise the bad guys would just know your new password. So make sure each site is safe first, then change the password.

The Daily Mail created a list detailing who was affected, whether the problem has been fixed, and whether a password change is recommended.

Major web sites were included like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Accounts, Gmail, Yahoo / Yahoo Mail, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Dropbox, and LastPass.

Here’s how to test:

Go to this web site and put in any domain name / web address / URL, whatever you call or know as the web address at the top of every webpage:


This is the onlly online text I’ve found and I can’t see that it gives you very good information. I’ll keep you updated as i learn more each day I read the Gooogle News.


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