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Mathematical Patterns Facebook Page

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This is a very interesting Facebook page for math fanatics and artists alike. It’s a tribute to a man named Frank Mingrone. These patterns were created using only straight lines, that, when extended, the pattern is reproduced for infinity. The patterns predate creation. I’m not a mathematician, but it’s quite a big deal in the math world from what i …

capitis fund - html web site with flash menu and password protected

The Capitis Fund

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The Capitis Fund is a static HTML web site with a very nice image based menu made of flash where the images fade in and out as you move your mouse over the menu choices. The background is a full screen flash slideshow that fills up any size screen. The site is meant for top of the line pc’s and …

capitis sothebys realty - static html with IDX admin through

Capitis Sotheby’s International Realty

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Capitis Sotheby’s International Realty is a template based HTML based web site that’s a combination of a brochure style web site with partial content management. This web site uses the latest real estate web based technology to display real-time MLS Real Estate data.