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List of Plugins Every Web Site Should Have or Use in 2016

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There are millions of WordPress Plugins available for you or your web designer to install for free and some premium plugins that are worth the money. The ones you pay for are usually for a specific function.

Examples are a paid membership site, or a directory, or something industry specific, like WP-Property, which is a fantastic real estate plugin. Some plugins should be installed and configured correctly on almost every web site using WordPress as its platform.

This list has changed in the last few years as the rules for getting to the top of Google Rankings as well as how fast the Internet grows. Bad people have developed software called malware, worms, and a lot of other things you don’t want getting into your web site. Hackers are getting into companies like Target and Apple, so don’t feel bad if you do happen to get hacked. It’s a part of our way of life

So security is now important and there are a number of ways plugins and a few tweaks can increase your sites’ safety and ensure a safe browsing experience for your most important part of your business: your potential and current clients!

Sometimes your clients store information on your site, while other times they don’t. Speed has become another very important part of how Google ranks. I’ve added to my list over the years and hear is my updated list for 2016.

  1. An Overall Security Plugin such as WordFence Security
  2. The Most Popular Anti-Spam Plugin that stops the spammers before they get to your site: Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin
  3. WordPress SEO by Yoast: helps you optimize (focus a page or post on a topic) your site’s content.
  4. A Way to Add new Local and Image Codes into your web site to help with finding local businesses: Local SEO by Yoast (if you’re a local company)
  5. Social Metrics Sharing Tool: Shareaholic Social Sharing
  6. A Form Creation Tool: Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms, or some type of Form plugin
  7. A Plugin for using Google Fonts: (if you’re going to use some cool new Google Styled Fonts that you can download too)
  8. Anti-Spam Plugins: one you need is called Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin: this helpful anti-robot submissions tool puts a checkbox in forms and comment section that robots can’t click)
  9. Speed Up your Web Site and Auto-Update Functionality and much more: Jetpack by WordPress.com
  10. A Way to Backup Your Web site’s data: WP-DB Backup Manager: note, a professional still needs to download the new files for the platform and plugins.
  11. Ways to optimize your images: Wp-Minify or Smush it
  12. SEO Friendly Images
  13. WP Socializer: you need a tool to help you with social aspects of your web site. This is a good one.
  14. Analyzing Traffic: Yoast Google Analytics has data inside of WordPress
  15. Sumo Me: if you want to go beyond JUST me designing a web site and actually want visitors, you’re going to need marketing tools. This one’s a great one.
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