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Keyword Research Services – The New Way to Find Your Keywords

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The New Way to Do Keyword Research

When you’re creating a web site either for the very first time, or even for a web site that needs a big upgrade / update, one of the ones that hasn’t been updated in years, you’ve got a lot to do. The first should always be research, primary competition and of course new keyword research. Times changes, and so do the words people type in.

How I Help You Find the Right Keywords to Generate Traffic

I determine the niche market your company is located within (we’ll use a real estate office as an example) You can provide me with some you think are your main keywords. I will also create a few main keywords from the text in the web site as well as my general knowledge of the subject – the basics, basically! If you sell real estate, then there will be some obvious keywords such as your locations, with real estate related keywords in them, like real estate in Huntington beach. If you’re a local brick and mortar type business, which is my niche business, local small businesses with business owners in cities near me that i can drive to. We want to include all major areas near you that are popular areas densely populated and frequently typed into a search engine. The main cities around you, basically. Many people come to me and say, ” I can do any type of transaction, everywhere. That’d be great in an ideal world, but we live in the real world where there are many thousands of your competition who are doing the same thing you do, so it’s time to, if you don’t already, pick a niche, a specialty. I can help you find out what you specialize in, starting with a mind map or simply a piece of paper with a list of words. This is all about you, so I’ll ask you questions like:

  • What types of transactions have you done the most of?
  • Which transactions do you enjoy doing?
  • Which type of transaction went the most smoothly and made you the most money?

That will narrow it down quite a bit. Depending on your industry, this may take a few minutes or if you’re facing a lot of competition, we’re going to want to really narrow it down. I Will Help You Determine Your Target Market and Create Sample Searchers Each niche market will have different types of people (call them personas, personality types of people who each search the web differently) who will be searching for a web site like yours – they may not even know about your service yet but they can use you once we determine the words they will type and if they fit your keywords!. Let’s use a wedding for this example. If you’re getting married, the bride would be one persona type that we create, I’ll ask these questions about each sample searcher:

  • What’s their age group?
  • Are they male or female?
  • What other interests do they have?
  • What do they struggle with?
  • What are their dreams?
  • Are they single, married, divorced, gay or straight?
  • What’s their wealth status – are they rich, middle class or not so well off?
  • What possible hobbies would they have?
  • What are they trying to accomplish with this search?

Think of what’s in their Facebook Profile and that will help you understand what I’m creating: your ideal potential client type one. Then I rinse and repeat to find more searcher / personas. The more detailed I am in creating these types of searchers, the better money-maKKing keywords I will help you create. A bride would be totally different from the groom, or the wedding planner, or the mother of the bride. Do you see what I mean? Each persona will use different phrases based on WHO THEY ARE to FIND SIMILAR THINGS. I’m going to help you pick what they will be searching for and when we find keywords that will bring traffic to your site, we’ll use them in your web pages! If you’re a flower shop or an event planner, I’ll keep this in my mind when creating these personas that search for things on the web.

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