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Inbound Links

There are two main factors that influence Google Page One Rankings.  CONTENT is one. LINKS are the other.

If you’re interested in ranking well in search engines, it’s important to consider the number of links that point from other web sites to yours. These are called inbound links.  I

There are many other factors about the links and the entire process that affect rankings:

  • the text within the link (such as luxury vacation homes)
  • the popularity of the web page is containing the link
  • the text around the link
  • how fast links to your site are being added

So, How many links do you need? The answer is different for every search term so it’s more of an average that’s determined. Other factors involve looking at the top ten results for a search term and finding out how and why they are listed there. If you’re competing against competition that HAS links, to put it simply, you’ll need more than they have to rank better than they do. That’s very simplified but it’s a good general rule of thumb.

I can help establish these inbound links for you. Contact me for more information on a link building campaign for your business.


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