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How to Edit Your WordPress Web Site

editing your wordpress web site

Each WordPress Web Site basically works the same. The web pages are divided into two types: Pages and Posts. Posts are where your blog content is located. Your posts are organized into categories, making the information easier for views (and you) to find. Pages are everything else.


In order to make changes, you have to be logged into the admin area of your web site. When your site is done, I’ll email you a link to this post as well as your login information. Your link will look similar to this one below, but each part below is specific to your web site so only you can make changes. Here’s what it looks like:

URL: http://yourdomainname.com/wp-admin/

USER: yourusername

PW: yourpassword

Once you’re logged in, go to the top left of the page, and click on the site’s link, that takes you to the homepage. Navigate to any page in the site you want to change, then at the top, you’ll see an Edit link, click on that. That takes you to an edit page mode where you can add text, images, even video.

IMPORTANT: EVERY TIME YOU MAKE A CHANGE IN THE ADMIN AREA, YOU MUST FIND THE BLUE BUTTON THAT SAYS UPDATE AND CLICK IT IN ORDER FOR THE CHANGES TO BE SAVED INTO THE DATABASE.  WordPress is a database driven software, basically every one of the pages in the admin area are web based forms, like a payment form on a shopping cart. You always have to click on a link or button or something to save your changes. Whenever you have a popup window doing something, you have to click a button or link to save what you’re doing. The saving buttons all throughout the software are blue, so that’s helps you find it.


The main area has a title, then under that you’ll see “Upload / Insert”. That’s where you can add an image by clicking on the little graphic next to those words. You navigate to the image in your computer, then upload it. Once it’s uploaded, you scroll down in the popup window, click the size you want, then click “Insert into Post”.


To change the text, look under the menu bar, find the text you want to change (the text editor is similar to using Microsoft Word). You can highlight something, and click the “B” button to bold, or the “I” button to italicize. You can highlight a whole bunch of text, and click the delete button to remove text. You can copy text from an email, or a document to your clipboard, and paste it into that window. Always click the Update Button to save as you go along.


If you want to link to either another section of your site, or another web site, highlight the text you want to be the actual link, then in the menu bar, click on the chain link icon. You’ll get a popup box that allows you to paste in a link from your clipboard. That means you have to have the web site URL already in there, so if you want to link to another page, have it ready first.

Under that, you can find your web site’s content listed below by clicking on the words “Or Link to Existing Content”, and click it to select it. Always click the blue button, this one says “Add Link”.


Underneath the main content window, if you scroll down you’ll see a spot to enter in metatags, such as your keyword rich page title, the description and the keywords. For more information on how to add them read this article.


Many of you will want to add content to your web site, many times in the blog section. The top menu has a “+New” link. Mouse over that and you’ll see all the new things you can create: Pages, Posts, etc. Click Post to add a new blog post. Under the Update Button, you’ll find your web site categories. You can even add new categories here and organize your categories.


Many times you have other sections of your web site that required the installation of a plugin. A plugin is a program that is installed into WordPress. If you look at the left side menu, you’ll see many other choices. Each plugin works differently, so I may have to provide you with some guidance on these specific plugins I’ve used for your web site.


Here is a great video that goes over all of the basics of WordPress including how to add / edit posts and pages, add images and hyperlinks.

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