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How to Create a Successful Web Site Business Using WordPress

Many Factors Wordpress Being the Major One Will Help you Achieve Success

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WordPress is the Part that’s Free and Easy, The Rest is The Hard Part!

Achieving top ten search engine placement is a process that involves the right combination and balance of all everything I’ve talked about in this entire section on Search Engine Marketing. It begins with creating a quality web site with unique valuable content. And don’t forget, if it’s not something you’d want to share with your friends or coworkers, and you’re not proud enough of the article you want to show the world, DON’T POST IT.

You’re going to want it to be good enough that you’d want to share it with your family, friends, neighbors and all your co-workers, you want it THAT GOOD! i’m talking article in a monthly periodical magazine article in GQ, Elle, Men’s Health, Vogue and Time Magazine.

Each article should be something that provides value to your readers or brand new visitors. And to get into page one rankings, the site / page has to have something unique in it if it wants to take the spot of another web site already on page one for any high traffic keyword, like “real estate in los angeles”. The more the competition, the more this unique quality becomes important!
All of this is why and how important each page of your CONTENT truly is !!!

Design and the Presentation of the Content

As far as the design of the web site’s theme, it also has to meet those kind of standards to help you achieve page one rankings. How the information is presented in an easily to read and understand format, in digestible bite sized pieces of information that people will hopefully remember.

Researching Your Keywords and You and Your Competition

It continues with researching your online competition to see what you’re up against,  then with proper research of the right keywords for your business, and the correct placement of those keywords on your web site pages. Then you proceed with a focused digital public relation campaign and share your content, building links on major social networks while interacting with others, promoting yourself and what you want to sell or provide.

This is how all ethical established SEO companies achieve success. And time is a factor in natural, organic success in the search engine rankings, meaning it doesn’t happen overnight, that’s why it’s called “organic search engine rankings”.

Google Adwords / Facebook Advertising

You can be on page one of Google or Bing tomorrow if you want to pay for it, but when you stop paying Google, it goes away. The longer your site is indexed by the search engines, and the more you add helpful, original text, images and video, the better your business will rank for the global or local keywords related to your business or organization.

Digital Publishing and Content Distribution

That means blogging on a regular basis and sharing it on all relevant social media, and getting your followers and friends to interact with your postings. It means spending time on those web sites, promoting others and their sucesses that are relvant to yours.


A properly optimized web site where you spend time between helping your community providing quality content and a little bit of promotng your business will help your company enjoy top rankings of your first six months to year long investment will pay off for many years to come in the form of valueable, stable, loyal clients / customers who send you referrals !!!

Do everyththing in this article, do it well, or contact me to do it and you’ll start seeing results in a few months. You optimize each web page and blog within varing categories in your web site and you follow and use the Google Webmaster Guidelines for making a quality web site / page. You build some links from importance sources by establishing relationships with these other sources by impressing them with your professionalism and desire to help their community as a part of your business plan. You establish trust through gaining a reputation, outside sources and

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