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How to Add Products to Your Ecommerce Web Site

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wp ecommerce adding products into wordpressAdding products to your store may sound difficult, but it actually is like filling out any form on the internet. You simply need to know what information is required, what goes where, and what the information goes in your admin area. These videos below are for using a plugin called WP-Ecommerce as your Ecommerce system within WordPress. Unless i have told you differently, this plugin is what you are using.

You’re always going to need to put the basics on any product into your admin area when adding a product:

  1. Product Name
  2. ID number
  3. Description
  4. Long Description
  5. Price
  6. Weight
  7. Dimensions

You may need to add in a variation of the product, something like size or color. If we talked about this in advance, I’ll have already set these up for you. If not, feel free to email me or even try it yourself. NOTE: you can’t break it by filling it out wrong. Just realize if your site is live, the information in the product should be correct!

Here is a very helpful video on how to add products to your WordPress Ecommerce web site.

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and here’s another one just so you have a couple different viewpoints:

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