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Google has a new Tool called Knowledge Graph

knowledge graph example
a compilation of details about a person, place, thing or business

Did you know that Google is working hard to provide you, your company, myself, and all of the people who search their web site. It’s called a knowledge graph. In order to use this to your advantage there are details about your site that need to be added to your web site’s code.


Here is a Google Video of the basics of what their Knowledge Graph is about:

Here is an example of what a knowledge graph looks like in Google when you do a search, I’m betting you’ve already seen one and not even realized what the thing on the right to the the search results is – a knowledge graph.

knowledge graph example
a compilation of details about a person, place, thing or business

What’s in a Knowledge Graph and WHo Else Uses Them?

They’a the question at hand? What is in this thing called a knowledge graph, what other search engines or social media web sites use them, and how do i get one. This is probably what you’re asking yourself y now.

It’s a simple process of knowing what to put int and where to put it in your web site. If yo’re using WordPress, which i do for all my clients, I am now highly recommending that you let me set one up for your site to help you with local and product search results in search engines. Other sites that are taking advantage of this new way of giving information about yourself or your business to social media

In WordPress, which is what i use to make all of my web sites with, you have the option to let me help you include this specialized information about your web site using plugins that let you simply input the data into an area of your administrative area.

There are a variety of plguins you can choose from. They make some just for search engines, but you can slso get an ‘All in One” plugin that let’s Google +, Facebook, and Twitter find what you are putting on your web site and display it better to possible visitors searching on any of these sites.

I prefer to use use this plugin as it allows you to incorporate all the information in one place – it’s called ….

(answer coming soon, I’m researching and testing various plugins that do this today).


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