Welcome to Our Web Design Firm, Blue Hyperlink. Our services include web design, all types of marketing for the web and many miscellaneous other services including specializing in local Wordpress web sites since the year 2000. We've helped many small local businesses get to page one of Google and we can help you too! Call or email us today at info@bluehyperlink.com or (714) 577-2270 (click to call on your phone)!

Getting Started

getting  started working with blue hyperlinkIf you’re interested in working together, here are the steps I take to help new clients.Let’s talk on the phone. Call me and we can talk about your web site or other needs and we’ll find out if I’m the person to help you. If you’re interested in working together, we can set up a time to talk in person.

Let’s Meet Face-to-Face: I’m happy to come to your home or office, or we can meet at a coffee house when we sit down together, we’ll talk more about how I can help you. This is when I get a better understanding of what your needs are. Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of our meeting:

  • Write down all of your questions
  • Bring any brochures, images, or other material you want to include in your web site
  • Start thinking about a color scheme if you are looking to change your web site’s colors or you’re interested in a brand new web site
  • Make notes about your competitors (web addresses are helpful)
  • Make a list of web sites that you like and tell me what you like about them

During Our Meeting: When we talk, I’ll let you know approximately what services cost, and after we meet I’ll email you and official estimate and contract, which you can return to me via U.S. mail or in person.

Hosting, FTP and Domain Info: To begin, I’ll need access to your hosting account and FTP access, which allows me to publish to your web server. I recommend Godaddy.com, and Hostgator.com for the average web site. They’re both reputable companies and their service is great. They also have very affordable rates.

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