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Font Choices for Your Web Site’s Text and Images

font choices for your web site's text within graphics and on the page itself

A font can many times make or BREAK your web site’s design. Think of each letter or symbol in a font like a little sculpture. They have positive and negative space, they emote feelings based on the way that they have been sculpted. Sometimes a word or sentence  seems just right when you’re using a certain size of a certain font. You can actually classify fonts into categories. I look for fonts that match the sort of business that you are engaged in.

Fonts inside of a graphic appear exactly as they’re created. However, when it comes to actual text (anything you can highlight with your mouse), the web only shows fonts that people have on their computer. Here are the fonts that are recommended when designing a web page so all people can view it the same way. The following fonts are approximately 14 pixels tall.

Fonts can be broken down into a few major groups. Some have decorative edges (Serif), some do not (San Serif). Some don’t even look like actual words. Imagine that…a font that doesn’t actually say anything. Those are classified as Dingbats – what a name! They can make for interesting repeating backgrounds, patterns and more.

Arial – This is a sentence using Arial.

Times New Roman – This is a sentence using Times New Roman

Geneva – This is a sentence using Geneva.

Georgia – This is a sentence using Georgia.

Verdana – This is a sentence using Verdana.

Courier – This is a sentence using Courier.

You can use other fonts, but if that person doesn’t have that font in their computer or device, Times New Roman will display in its place.

Google has made life a little easier for web surfers, business owners and web site developers. It’s now possible to link to a google font.

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