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Custom Programming

computer programmer hard at workSometimes when I am talking to a client, I realize that to the best of my knowledge, there is no simple way to achieve the desired features without making them from scratch.

That’s what a programmer does. Once I know what your needs are, I can give you an estimate. Some types of functionality can be accomplished using content management, such as user logins, community features, forums, etc.

When i meet with clients, I let them know that I am not a programmer, but over the last ten years I have partnered with some very talented programmers. They primarily work in PHP which is the most popular language on the web today.

The Planning Stage is the most crucial part of custom programming. This is where you and I get together and write it all out on paper (or pc or mac or tablet) and try to be as complete as possible, right down to the text around a form, for example, or the text within an email that is generated after someone downloads something from your web site. That’s the part in which I excel and fully participate.

It’s important to think like a brand new visitor using this section for the first time. This will help us find the kinks in your idea and lets us iron them out before the project goes live to the public.


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