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Comfort Air Comfort Control

Comfort Air is a heating and air conditioning company in Palm Springs. They are locally owned and family operated. Their goal was to have me give their company’s logo and web site a whole new look.

Visit site: http://www.comfortac.com

Their original web site was one of the “do-it-yourself” web sites that many of the hosting companies offer. They had five pages of content and the site looked just, “OKAY”. They wanted to a totally different look on both fronts.


Here’s what I did:

  1. Gave their logo a new font, Levenim MT (old one was Brush Script MT)
  2. Added some arrows signifying air movement  and a thermostat embedded into the first letter
  3. Picked reds and blues to signify hot and cold for their HVAC business

Before and After Logo Graphics:


The web site i gave a complete new look and feel that is more modern and impressive. Here’s what I did for their web site:

  • I added a very fun flash menu with text and images that fade in as you mouse over them
  • I put a  flash image slideshow to help display their main sections
  • I created some nice mouseover buttons and a full screen fade in background graphic. The clouds will fit ANY sized screens background, even a 47″ television monitor.
  • I created two forms for the site
  • Lastly, I made a simpler, smartphone version with no flash but same content which you can see here if you’re using a desktop. If you’re using a smartphone you should

View photos of before and after here, click one of the thumbnails to see both large image in a gallery format.

[nggallery id=1]



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