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Brochure Style Web Sites

A brochure style web site is a web site that displays basic information about a company and the products or services they offer. For many small businesses, this is sufficient for getting their business online.

Think of a web site that has between five and ten pages usually (sometimes more). The menu reads something like “Home, About Us, Services, Locations, Contact”. This could be a one page web site if the business just needs something like an “online business card”, and that’s all they afford, so it works great for them.

The next step up in cost would be for someone like myself to design a small brochure style web site design, then add page content. Changes would be done by the web designer, so how often your content changes is an important factor in choosing this type of design.

Brochure style web sites can be managed by the client, but instead of using static HTML pages that are hand-built, a platform must be installed (like WordPress) so the client can have an administrative area where they can change or add content. That costs a little more but many times is worth the price as a future investment in your business.

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