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If Half of the People Leave Your Web Pages in a Few Seconds, You Need Help

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Do you know your web site pages’ bounce rates? If you don’t, you should. The percentage of time in seconds, how long they stay on one of your web pages is one of the  cornerstones of your web site’s success and it can be done with our help! We live in the age of immediate answers when it comes to information. People get bored faster or know they’re on the wrong page faster than ever before in history. We all hate waiting for the computer to load, then for our programs to load, then our web browsers to bring up a search engine, and then we type and now even speak our question into the browser or an app on our phone that is ALWAYS THERE (isn’t it great?)! 

But what people will NOT tolerate is a slow loading, poorly organized web site. They want, once they get to your site to be able to find exactly what they want in a few clicks or you’ve lost them, so plan your words, your graphics, your menus, your taglines, your page titles very carefully! I actually use multiple windows and different browsers at the same time as I’m learning two things at once and don’t want to be slowed down. Now, not everyone is that advanced. I’m a web designer, navigating web sites si what i do for a living but they average person will wait unde 5 seconds max now for a page to load or they hit the back button.

If you’re site doesn’t load in 1-2 seconds now, you need to either redo or tweak it quite a bit. Analytics can help here. They can show you what pages load the slowest and will also have the highest bounce rate. But don’t forget, the information you’re providing them isn’t for everyone, it may be you just didn’t have the product or answer that they needed. 

I’ll be writing a number of article on how to get your web site to load faster, and to keep people on each and every page longer. They’re so important that I’ll be writing articles on each method / way of doing it in pages of their own and when I’m done I’ll link to all of them on this page here. 

If you want your web site’s pages to load in a second or less, please contact me and I’ll tell you and hopefully get to show you on your own web site just how it’s possible!

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