Welcome to Our Web Design Firm, Blue Hyperlink. Our services include web design, all types of marketing for the web and many miscellaneous other services including specializing in local Wordpress web sites since the year 2000. We've helped many small local businesses get to page one of Google and we can help you too! Call or email us today at info@bluehyperlink.com or (714) 577-2270 (click to call on your phone)!

Blue Hyperlink’s Web Design Firm is The Solution to Your Needs

Hello and welcome to Blue Hyperlink Web Marketing, a Grandy and Associates Company. I’m here to make your life easier and dramatically improve the state of your business. We’re here to determine what your business, non-profit or organization needs, even if you aren’t aware of it, and provide the solutions to your issues or shortcomings we find and focus on your strengths!

Since 1997, Blue Hyperlink has provided FULL SERVICE DIGITAL MEDIA CREATION AND MARKETING. This includes WordPress Web Design from one page to hundreds you can manage yourself. We also provide Content and Media Creation, Distribution and Promotion on all types of Internet Marketing. We emphasize and aid in content creation, distribution and social media engagement on the networks that work best for your business, blog or organization.

We create web sites using the latest technology and use WordPress as a platform as 25% of the world also does, so you or any of your employees can manage your website’s content. We follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines so your local business naturally ranks well after it’s been up on the web for 3 to 6 months.

This is not a guarantee in stone, as we’re not a part of Google, but in my nearly 20 years of experience, I can tell you whether or not my company can help you get to page one of the major search engines for the important money making keywords (searches people do).

“All you have to do is be willing to follow my advice and let me help you, working within YOUR BUDGET. I’m here to ensure your web site becomes a tool that brings you great success, and I have the experience, references, portfolio, teaching expertise, administrative and technical staff with tools and reports to back it up.”

Bryan Grandy, Owner

Services Include:

  • Responsive WordPress Web Sites, a design that will change depending on the device viewed on. You can manage your own web site yourself or allow us to handle that for you.
  • Intensive Helpful Easy to Understand Research done for your, about your past and current successes and failures, as well as your competition is one of the first things I recommend along with keyword research to ensure your success through mindful, regular postings.
  • Social Media Business Accounts creation and promotion that get your followers to engage with your company as we help you distribute all types of digital media.
  • Instruction or Management or Both, helping you learn to manage everything yourself or we’ll do it for you, it’s your choice. The more involved you get, the more successful any of your projects with us will be. Whether it’s your WordPress site, Facebook Page, Twitter account, Youtube Channel, Pinterest account, Instagram or any of the other major social media networks, I can help with whatever works for you best.
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization / Marketing by helping you create unique, engaging content that people will WANT to share.
  • Digital Content Creation of All Types – text, images, video, even infographics, audio or a combination of all of these ways to communicate your message with your potential and current clients or customers. We’ll examine what’s been working for you in the past, and improve it and cust the fat on things that havent’ worked unless they can be reworked!
  • Facebook / Google Ads – if you need immediate sales, we can run campaigns with Google Adwords Advertising and Facebook Marketing Ads.
  • SEO / On Page and Off – We can optimize each page in your web site, making them search engine friendly for your most important keywords.
  • Sharing Your Content Across the Social Networks – We can share your web site’s fresh, unique content including these other types of digital media placed on various content sites on the web
  • Search Engine Rankings – we can help you improve your standing with Google and other search engines by using social media and search engine marketing (now called Digital Public Relations!!!) to create a user friendly and search engine friendly website and social media accounts that are sales / lead generating tools that help you make money.
  • We Focus on “The User Experience” in Our Web Site Design – it’s become the bricks and mortar of how your site is designed.

When we begin helping you, we don’t start with design, we start with market research and get to know your target market. There’s no reason to put a “Subscribe to our newsletter” if no one in your demographic” has time to read a newsletter. Does that help you understand what I mean?

My name is Bryan Grandy and I’m the owner of Blue Hyperlink. I’ve been making web sites and doing internet marketing since 1997 in some way, shape or form for every company I worked for since the Internet started and companies needed web sites.

I started my full time business in 2002. In the last couple of years, Google has made many changes in how they rank web sites and I’m working hard to help my clients adjust and evolve their current web presence. The Google algorithm and the Internet itself continues to evolve on a daily, weekly and sometimes hourly basis, depending on what’s trending.

Your company may or may not be a company that takes advantage of current trends YET. Here’s a very interesting fact about page one rankings and how many words their pages have. According to “Backlinko”, a reputable firm that helps people like myself (and therefore you!) understand whats’ going on in the world today, stated that

The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. and has an HTTPS (meaning a secure web site URL).” – Backlinko

You may have a solid base of clients that know what they want and buy it based on reviews and the reputation of the companies that they trust and have done business with you in the past. Your email mailing list is your gold mine and the life blood of your business! Remember that. If you don’t have one, you need to start gathering one today. That can be done with a simple sign up form on the homepage.

If you have any questions or want to contact me about your project, please feel free to call me at 714-421-1881, my direct cellphone which I try to keep with me at all times. If you have never heard of my company and want to email me, click here! I’d love to talk with you about any project you may have going currently. You can also click the live help in the botttom right of the screen during business hours and you’ll get either myself usually or one of my associates.

I have been fascinated with what makes some web sites work and others not, and have continued making web sites for companies I worked for in other capacities since 1997 when AOL had a homepage builder and have had a passion for the entire process of helping businesses on the web get the following products that are tools for their business and other services including:

  • New responsive web site designs to compete redesigns
  • Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing of all types
  • Social Media page / account creation, customization and engaging people in your sphere of influence
  • Newsletter creation and testing to see what works for your business 
  • Education, allowing you and / or  your employees or partners to help yourselves in adding / changing content on your own WordPress Web Sites.
  • These WordPress web sites that anyone can manage themeselves is my specialty!

So much has changed since I redid my web site the last time and since i’ve done many of my clients’ last redesigns, and creating new accurate content makes the process is a bit of a long one while i’m busy helping  my clients, so excuse the dust!

BUT…I always have time for you, and I welcome calls and emails. I look forward to talking to you and helping you succeed! Please take the next step and contact me here. Read my web site’s content, make a list of questions, and give me a call. My father always told me “It’s free to talk to someone” and I’ve always lived by that motto. So call / email and see if I can help you with whatever problem you need solving!