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Beau Monde Villas

Beau Monde Villas - Static HTML web site with search engine marketing and top ten rankings on google


Beau Monde Villas is one of my favorite web sites. It’s got a long, rich history and a few re-designs, each beautiful for the time and with the latest technology and best search engine / SEO practices, as we started it from scratch around 2007.

I brought this site from an idea to one of the most successful luxury vacation management web sites in the world for many of its important keywords. I had the privilege of working for its owner, Kevin Blessing for six or seven years, during which I helped him form a network of web sites called The Capitis Group of Luxury Home Services.

Big long title, but they did a great deal for the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley and still are in a bit of a different format. When I moved from Palm Springs to Huntington Beach, they found another more local company that could give them the same attention I gave them.  


The web site has hundreds of pages of unique content. The properties were displaying using a WordPress plugin called WP-Property, the first WordPress Plugin of its kind when I redesigned it for the third time, It is very dynamic, and allows users to search or browse real estate listings or rentals.

My goal is to keep every client equipped with the latest technology to blow away their competition and make for a perfect visitor experience. This company specializes in luxury villas in Palm Springs and other popular vacation destinations like Malibu, Maui, Beaver Creek and Naples.

Visit Current Site (it’s very close to my same design at the time of this posting): http://www.beaumondevillas.com/

Visit the testing site I created before uploading to their hosting account: http://www.bluehyerlink.com/server3

Testimonial: view testimonial from the owner here

Special Features:

  • Top Ten Rankings on Google for nearly all major search terms (luxury villas, luxury vacation rentals and others – these may change now that i don’t manage it)
  • Google Search Technology
  • Completely “Search Engine Friendly” Design
  • Non-Flash Thumbnail with full sized Image Galleries
  • Unique content
  • Video

They offer luxury vacation homes, some of the finest in the world – if you’ve never seen a luxury villa, go check out one of the properties in Palm Springs or Hawaii, they’re some of the most beautiful photos of homes I’ve ever seen! I spent a number of hours just choosing the fonts and colors. I looked at every high end luxury web site from Armani to Luxury Villas International. I came up with a great concept, then went to work, page by page, using the latest technology.

The site has a custom search section with a button at the top that draws down to a list of ways to search for properties, and a subscribe page which offers four different ways to get updates from this company including by email. The slideshow on the homepage is done with JavaScript, so it will show up on smart phones and tablets.

Screenshot of Design:






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