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Always Know the Correct Images Sizes to Use in Social Media

Social media graphic showing just how many graphics there are to consider

I’m big on always having the right information for whatever i’m doing. I was looking at my personal Google + profile, and I noticed that i had NEVER since the creation of Google +, personalized the photo background in my profile  I sought out using the mighty Google to find out the correct size, ratio, file type etc.  Here’s where it gets cool because I pride myself on being a really good power user when it comes to the Google search engine. i know how to use it – I’ve even read books on it.

My mind expanded the thought, and I thought “Surely there is a web site or blog post that’s got EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGE SIZE that has the current image minimum and maxium sizes, ratio of how wide or tall or square it should be, and how big the file size can be.

So i searched for that instead.  I typed in “current list of correct image dimensions for social media sites” and found a Google Spreadsheet from Sprout Social, a new social media platform that allows for you to do a lot of really cool things, so I googled it and Wikipedia describes Sprout Social as:

“Sprout Social is a social media management and engagement platform for businesses. Sprout enables social communication for business through three main functions: publishing, engagement and analytics. “

On the same page i discovered an article on 36 Free Image Creation / Editing Tools. Score!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another blog post I was planning on writing because I’m trying to help my clients help themselves. Click the link above to see article. I’ll be making one of my own after I examine their list.

Here’s What I found:


How to use it: A Google Sheet is like an Excel Spreadsheet. At the bottom of the page you’ll see tabs with the names of social meida main sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, andTumblr.

Bookmark that page however you bookmark it. There are instructions on how to get an update when the page changes on the very first tab of the sheet. It’s easy as falling off a log to set it up:

  1. Go to the top menu, click on Tools
  2. In the dropdown, click on Notification Rules
  3. Click the second choices to be notified by email and your gmail account will get an email if the spreadsheet changes.

I’ve worked with social media since it started, mostly helping my clients and not myself unfortunately, which is good because I helped them and learned the process but never took the time to invest in my OWN social media accounts. So I’m getting started now and you’ll be seeing lots of my face and my new logo across the web, because Google now considers web site owners worthy of page one rankings need to be authors, and experts in their field.

My web site will be read by the beginning of the year. I have over a hundred and fifty pages of articles and general content that I need to make sure if current and correct. Then I’ll be sharing them on social media, providing helpful shareable content, which is what I’m always talking about recommending that my clients do. I finally have a moment to take a breath since I’ve moved to Huntington Beach.

So, expect to see my links across all social media over the next six months, as I’m going to really truly “practice what Iv’e preached”.

Here’s a PDF version of  the spreadsheet of all sizes, dimensions, etc for all major social media. Enjoy! 🙂

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